Miracle Whip Jug Bank
Designed by: Anita Eberline

It was cold outside, and I was bored just as my little Jack Russell Terrier puppy. With the puppy sleeping and the hubby watching TV, I began crocheting without a true project to work on. Then I thought of something! It hadn't been but a few days before when a friend had told me that creating a cover for a Miracle Whip Jug couldn't be done. Well, what you see below is the results of telling me "You can't".

The Bottom The Front The Back

There is no pattern, no real plan or even any knowledge of crocheting to really speak of with this project. I just do a stitch or two that I know for sure and go for it. In the back, as seen in the picture above, I use a simple Granny Square to start. Rather than cover up the handle, I left it out so that it can be use as intended. I then took the cover of the jug itself to a family member and asked them to put the slot in it for me, as I don't have any tools to do it myself.

How I Started the Jug Cover

Because the jug is square, I started a granny square. I worked until it fit the bottom of the jug and then stopped. Looking at the jug long with a great deal of study, I began playing around with different ideas and worked without writing anything down. By the time I was done and the project completed, it looked funny to me and I just kept going. Next thing I knew, a few days later, it was just a matter of getting the slot put in the jug cover. The bow was just a crocheted chain that I thought would make a nice addition to the completed project.

I wish now that I had written the pattern I designed down on paper. Cause for the life of me, I can't remember what I did now. I'm sure I could repeat the process if I had to, but I'd have to start out the same way with a granny square.


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