Crochet Goony Hat
Designed by: Anita Eberline

This hat been a while in the creating and making. It's my own design and was designed after a hat I wore in the mid and late 1990's. I didn't write the pattern down as with most of the items that I create with crocheting. I worked for days just making it look as it does, and to be honest, I could do it again. However, I would change some things that I did to try to improve upon what I did with the hat. Though it looks good, there are things I've learned since making it that I didn't know while in the process with this one.

The flower and butterfly were learned in videos on the internet that I decided to try just for the fun of it. I then proceeded to create my own due to the fact that I wasn't happy with what I found online. So by the time I was done with the project, the item as a whole became my design.

Crocket Goony Hat & Butterfly Pin

Now, the butterfly pin was gotten off the internet and I didn't make any changes to suit myself for what I was doing. However, I do show it and will not reveal the pattern as it is unlawful for me to do so. I used it to teach myself to read a crochet pattern, something I can't do easily to this day. Funny, I can create the items I make, but reading a pattern is another story all together.

As for the hat, I do plan to make another so I can attempt to write it down and then share it here on my website. But for now, I'm working at designing a purse to match the hat. When I do redesign the hat, there will be another picture of it so that it will watch the pattern I share with you.

Goony Hat Matching Purse

The idea came to me in a dream and I decided to give it a try. The results turned out pretty good and this is the purse of all purses for me. It has a pocket at both ends and a pocket inside for all those items that most of us women refuse to leave home without (which closes so the items will not fall out). The two pockets on the ends on the outside of my purse are for my cell phone and my reading glasses, which before were carried in cases on the inside of my purse. Then I decided that it needed a pocket on the outside for my check book, which it covered by the flap that closes the main pocket of the purse.

Again, there is no pattern because I didn't write it down. However, I didn't write it down because I couldn't explain how I did part of it. I've done research on the stitch I used, but so far, I've come up with nothing on it. Which means that I might have invented a new stitch and I don't know what to call it. But I don't believe this is the case, so I'm still researching it. It's a very easy purse to make, so there isn't a problem with making another.

Project has been put on hold until Fall of 2013, as it's just to hot in my apartment to work on it.



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