Dog Collar and Leash
Designed by: Anita Eberline

Here's an idea that I figured few would ever consider as a crochet project. But I did it non-the-less out of need more than anything else. I couldn't find what I wanted in the pet stores, so I decided to make it. Now I must admit, I could find the leash. But the collar was another story, and it didn't matter which store I went to, nobody carried them. There is a picture below of the two items.

Collar and Leash

This isn't make with any pattern in mind. And I didn't write anything down like always, but I have no doubt that I could do this collar and leash again without any trouble at all. For all intent purposes, I crated this for my little Jack Russell Terrier for training only. Whether it's strong enough or not will be tested today (7/10/2013). Only my dog Lucky will be the test subject for the collar and leash that her human mommy made special for her.

Before starting the project, I went to a farm supply store and purchased 2 O-rings and the snap hook that you see in the picture. Once these items were purchased, I began crocheting the items. First the collar and then the leash. To create the items, I did the following:

Chain 5, and then crochet in a continue round until it fit over my dogs head easily. I then sewed the ends of the collar so that they look as they do in the picture.

I did the same with the leash until it would measure approximately 18" with the snap hook on it. I then sewed the wrist handle loop to fit my hand and wrist. Then I sewed the snap hook in place at the other end of the leash and tried it out on the dog with the collar on her. It worked and I've use it to train my dog outside.

Now remember dear friends, I shared this on FaceBook for everyone to see when it was completed. I was so proud of them that I couldn't help but share the work I had done. Now you know just how I created them. I do hope everyone appreciates what they're getting here.

Would I be willing to create these for other people. Yes, but for a price. You'd have to contact me and ask for details about me creating the collar and leash for you.


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