Cell Phone Case
Designed by: Anita Eberline

My husband and I have been searching for the prefect cell phone cases for our phones. Now we have them. I choose to use my husbands case for the pictures above because it shows up better for the website. I have included the instructions below.

The difference in color of the pictures is due to the closeness I had to use to take the pictures. The picture showing a cell phone in the case is the true color of the case.

This is just a small summer project that I could resist doing.

Materials Needed:
  • Any Color Worsted 4 ply yarn.

  • Crochet Hook Size 6/G (4.00mm)

  • A Tapestry Needle

  • Button 1 1/8" (28MM)

  • Sewing Needle for sewing on button.


Chain as many stitches as it takes to create the cell phone case. I used 11 for the one above.

Rnd 1: Single Crochet (sc) to the ends of your chain. In the very last stitch, Single Crochet (sc) 4 stitches in same stitch. Repeat these last 4 stitches when you reach the other end.

Rnd 2: Single Crochet (sc) around continually until it fits the cell phone having a couple of rows to leave room for removing the cell phone from the case.

DO NOT CREATE ANY KNOTS. You now begin the flap for closing your cell phone case.

Flap of Cell Phone Case:

Work in Rows for Flap.

Begin a Row before the turn of your case by doing the following:

Chain 1, turn.

Row 1: Single Crochet (sc) until just before the turn of your case. Chain 1, turn.

Row 2: Repeat row 1.

Repeat these 2 rows until the flap covers the cell phone when inside the case.

Button Hole:

Work as another row for flap, creating the button in the following way:

Work 2 stitches, chain 3, skipping 3 stitches below the chain 3 stitches, work remaining stitches.

Work another row as a normal Single Crochet row.

Now work boarder round around flap and case.

Tie off and work in ends.


Sew on button by use a strand of the yarn. Below doing this, separate 1 ply on the yarn to use as thread for sewing on the button. Or use a thread that will match the yarn you used.


On my cell phone case, I crocheted over a small key ring and attached it to the case for hanging it on my key ring strap that goes around my neck. This way I don't need my purse on hot days or on long trips. I can take only what is necessary with me to save room in my car and give myself my hands free to carry different items if needed. The key ring is not so inclined to break like the bone rings will under pressure.



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