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Website Updates
The Website Designing Began (3/4/2012)

I actually started designing this website on 9/30/2009 in an effort to let my fellow Facebook users get to know me a little better.

However, it didn't take long and I was thinking of different things to add to it in an effort to try to help with the games.

Since then, I've decided that maybe that wasn't such a good idea. So, I'll be removing some things as it just is to much work for me at this point.

Sorry my friends, but I'm only one person.

Created the "Sticky Notes" image today for the websites "Sticky Notes Updates" page.

It will be listed with the links to the page as simply "Sticky Notes" to save peace.

I do hop that everyone enjoys them and takes the time to view and read this page once in a while.

Thank you for your patience while I work at designing this website.

New Title Images (6/12/2012)

I'm re-creating the title Images. As they're finished, they will be uploaded to the website.

I'm also re-doing other things, so visit often and watch the changes take place.

I have finely created a page about our beloved little dog Cuddles. It's been a long time in the designing, but it is ready for our viewers to read.

In the process of creating this page, I re-did a lot of the research on the two breeds of dogs that are in our baby girl. Please keep in mind that I love doing this type of thing, so it's no big deal.

Thank you so much for sharing this page with us and others. I do my best to bring our best to you.

Created New Pages (6/16/2012)

There is a memorial page for Bill Heilig, a very dear and respected friend.

Added a section for family and friends. Please contact Anita for more information. As she will give those who will have access to the family only section their access information.

This website & the main construction will soon be completed. However, as with all websites, the work is never really done. There will be other things added and/or deleted as time passes. Be forever patient with us as we do different things from time to time.

Added a Guestbook (6/29/2012)

Yep, added a guestbook so all our Facebook Friends could let us know they were here if they want. We don't think it's a lot, but at least you now have a way to tell us what you think.

Special Note: For our family and friends, you should check out the "Family Only" section. There's also something new for you there.

Need access, contact Anita for that information. Thank you.

New Information (9/20/2012)

Have added to our personal information pages the date in which we joined Facebook.

Changed this page to sticky notes that are created an easier way. The images I was using were taking up to much room on the website server, and that takes away space for other things.

You'll find that the sticky notes page loads faster with these changes.

I changed some things on Harold's personal page to reflect what he likes on Facebook and the games he plays. Surprising enough, not that much has changed.

Anita's page reflects the same type of information. It was just easier for me than what I had done with the pages before, which also shortens the pages to some degree.

Also added a "Favorite Sayings" page today.


We Have a New Puppy (12/10/2012)

Well, a bit soon it might be, but we have a new puppy to brighten our lives. She's got her own webpage here and it will be updated from time to time.

We put our beloved Cuddles down on 11/2/2012 and we got our new baby girl on 12/3/2012. And she's a trouble maker already. Man!!! The things this little girl can find to get into.

See her page at Our New Puppy and get to watch her grow and learn how she's doing from time to time.

About the Jack Russell Terrier (12/24/2012)

People have asked me about my new puppy to the point that this new website page has become necessary. It gives important information that should help people to understand what type of dog we are dealing with on a daily bases.

The Jack Russell Terrier can be a difficult breed if not handle correctly. Please go to the page created to read why, and know pretty much what I deal with in my new puppy. This not an easy breed to train unless you have experience as a dog handler.

Update on Lucky (3/22/2013)

Well, the dog is doing great. Have a look at the page telling about my babies development.

My blog has also be updated.

Recreated Images (/25/2013)

If there wasn't the need to create new pages every once in a while, I wouldn't have recreated the button images. But the originals were so large that I couldn't deal with the size.

Yarn Projects Page (4/4/2013)

Well, boredom has taken over and I have now created a new page to display my Crochet and Knitting Projects. Although, it's mostly Crochet, I never know what might be next.

New Yarn Projects Pages (5/17/2013)

I've added information to the "Yarn Projects" that needed to be shared. I do hope that it helps people who either wish to learn to crochet or know how already.

Completely Re-designed (7/16/2013)

I just had to do something with this website that might make it better. So I went to work on those hot summer days that I couldn't crochet due to the weather being so hot and humid.

I omitted some pages that just plan weren't needed and nobody seemed to care about them anyway. Then I got to work on the pages that needed it. Sounds easy, well, let me tell you that it's easier said than done sometimes. But what you see now is the new design to this website.

Completely Re-designed 2 (7/20/2013)

After several weeks of work and patience on my part, the re-design of this website is completed.

In this re-design, I've decided to remove a few pages due to personal reasons and they will not be put into activeness again. After careful watch and study with this website, it has been determined that some pages just aren't worth the time put into them for whatever reason. The updates page (this page) is the big change, and I had it looking like sticky notes, but it proved to be a huge pain in the neck to work with.

The contact us page now has an email address that the visitor has access to, rather than the form that was on it. The same with the GuestBook, and there is other changes that I hope will make your visit better and nicer.

Completely Re-designed to match my timeline on Facebook (8/12/2013)

Well, this design is my best work yet with this website. I can't speak for my family and friends on Facebook, I really like this one and will most likely keep it for a long time to come.

The entire website matches the image on my timeline and it took me hours upon hours to design them. Once the images were complete, I couldn't help but change them so people could see my abilities with image design.

Please note that I have changed the way in watch people may contact me. When you click on the "Contact Me", it now opens your email program so that you can email me directly.
Re-designed the GuestBook (8/18/2012)

Did some sense work on the GuestBook to make it totally controllable for my good and the good of my viewers. I hope people will start send me signatures soon.

Added a crocheted rose to the Yarn Projects section (8/21/2013)

Been trying and trying, and finely success. I'm learned to do another item.

Added a new page (10/25/2013)
I got lonely for my Cuddles today and decided to create a page for her new home at Rainbow Ridge.
Added a new page (12/3/2013)
New page created for pet owners. My hope is that it help them with their pets and health issues.

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