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Help for the Pet Owner

More and more people, including myself, are considering their dog or cat family in their home and treat them as such. Therefore, I've done some research on the subject to see what I could find that might be of help to pet owners like myself. Below is the results of my efforts.

It's been my experience that we as pet owners, tend to ignore the pet that seems sick or just not acting like the pet we love. Others seem to over react to just about everything under the sun. I'm one that goes on the hope and prayer that my dog will be just fine in a short time. As soon as I see my fur baby not feeling better, or the problem persists, I call her vet and get it taken care of as soon as possible.

Another thing that is important to me, is the vet being willing to answer any and all questions that I have at the time of the office visit for what is my fur babies problem. Once it's all said and done, I'm usually good to go and my dog is taken care of properly.

After all I had gone through to research this, I decided that it would be more helpful to have something to tell people how to save their fur babies life should it come to a life or death situation for their pets. So I went to the American Red Cross website to see if I could get help with this project. I was told that I could use the image you see below as long as I didn't attempt to change it in anyway. They were just wonderful about everything.

The important thing to remember with any situation concerning a pets health and well-being is there is NO room for panic at any given point. If you panic, your pet may do the same. This reaction doesn't help your dog or cat, nor does it you.
What happens when you panic? Well, it causes you and your pet stress. Once the animal is stressed, they tend to become unwilling to cooperate and let the person trying to help them do so. It's like when you panic in the doctors office or an emergence room, it makes the doctors and nurses job that much harder to do. It does the same for the vet and yourself with your pet.


Eye Care

It's important to understand that like ourselves, our pets eyes are just as important to take care of when necessary. If your pet has any drainage coming from their eyes, it's worth wild to take them to the vet to find out what is going on. In most cases, it's not serious and can be taken care of with eye drops of some sort. I had a recent case with my little girl fur baby and the drops cleared the problem up in no time. Just a case of irritated eyes from rolling in the weeds near our apartment. No, it wasn't allergies. Lucky keeps her eyes open when she rolls in the weeds. Any time you get something in your eyes, it irritates them. That was the case with Lucky.

Other Issues

Like you, your pet can have an accident and brake a leg or injury that causes concern. Still NO need to panic, just simply take them to the vet and get it taken care of for their sack. If they get sick with a cold or something, do the same. In most cases, it's just a matter of sitting up an appointment with the vet and getting them there for treatment.

Most pets don't need emergency help unless it's caused by another animal or they simply got hurt on their own. I know, these words don't ease your mind much, but it's the simple truth. And like us, those emergency situations usually happen at home.



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