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It's been a while since my last entry, so this could take a while. As in most of my entries, it's going to be a complaining session that I really do need. And the complaining will NOT be about my dog Lucky, but rather, my husband of almost 30 years. As for Lucky, she is doing great. She's excepted me as the boss and the hubby comes in second at best in the chain of command. In other words, I'm the one she listens to above all others in the family. I'm what the professional dog trainers consider the leader of the pack. The boss dog!

I've talked to other people about what I'm doing with Lucky, and they all say the same thing. I'm doing just as I should with Lucky, and that's claim command of the situation and give Lucky the leadership she needs in order to learn and grow with that learning. Yet, my hubby says that he's doing things better than myself with the dog. And Lucky listens to him list and list as time goes bye. It's a case of pour Harold....he doesn't have a clue that things are not improving for him and Lucky. And he created the problems between himself and Lucky without any help at all from me or anyone else.

With all that said, here comes my complaining about the hubby. And it's going to make him look really bad to say the least. But it's the truth and that must count for something even if this isn't a close friend or family member I'm telling this too.

You see, we were told by professional JRT raisers when she was still tiny that there are certain things that a JRT must be taught. And that there is a right and wrong way to work with Lucky. I listened carefully to these people and took their advice. Harold didn't and still doesn't to this day. I can't seem to get through to my hubby that we have a special type of dog on our hands and that training from both of us is equally important. Yet, he wants me to do most (ALL) of the training. So now we have a dog (a JRT) that refuses to listen to him. She wants the Mommy and get me cause my hubby refuses to deal with the training of her. That is considered my job above and beyond everything where Lucky is involved.

In all reality, this makes me the leader of the pack. Whether or not my husband agrees with the statement or not. My dog sees me as the leader because I'm the one she see taking action and doing the leading. So by nature, she's going to follow me and listen to me. Harold still thinks I've not got a clue about my dog's behavior or the nature rules of the dog life that I see each and every day that I work with Lucky. Yet, he's the one she's NOT listening too.

By the way, I have to admit here that time for training Lucky is starting to run short, as she will be 2 in October of this year. So it's important that I get her trained now...this she is more exceptive right now. It's a must that the job gets done now and not wait until she's say 3 or 4 years old. It's not impossible to train a dog of those ages, it's just a bit more difficult and more time consuming.

Well, I think it's time to go on to other things in my life, such as the dog I'm training. It's time to go give Lucky the positive attention she needs to keep doing well with her training.

September 13, 2014

I've had nothing to complain about in months, and it felt good. But life hasn't been so perfect either for me. Things at home have the worse it's ever been for the hubby and myself. The one who suffers for it all is me and I'm dog gone tired of it all. Harold was in the hospital for a bit a few months back, and after he come home all hell broke out with us. Through it all, I'm still here with him and that in itself is something that I'm not so sure I want anymore. I've decided to stay despite of the problems, but only because I have no where else to go.

I've been accused of everything under the sun, including trying to kill him (by Harold himself). If what he was saying was true, I know I wouldn't mind. But they're not true and never will be, as I don't have it in me to harm anything or anyone. I can't even punish my dog without crying most of the time, yet Harold thinks I'm trying to kill him. Doesn't make a bit of sense.

I've also been accused of running around on him with some guy here at the apartment complex. I'm sorry, but we've been married for 28 years at the time, and I have NO desirer to do such a thing ever. This went on until just before our anniversary, when I told him it stops now or I'm outta here and I take Lucky with me. He stop the bull shit until after our anniversary and then started again for about a week or two. Didn't hear another word about it after I gave him the look.

Next thing I know, I'm accused of being raped willingly. That's something NO woman wants go through and to accused me of wanting it and taking it is something I didn't expect out of Harold. I went through this for months on end, and he even said it the night before our anniversary. We had a huge fight that night to say the least and I told him again, stop or me and Lucky are outta here whether we have a home or not. That I frankly didn't care if I lived or died homeless if that was the type of thing he was going to say about his own wife.

Then in July on the 3rd, he accused me of all the above and I started packing the dogs and my things right in front of him. I meant business and he knew it, and he stopped his bull shit again. I haven't heard a word out of his mouth sense about any of it. Yet, I have this feeling that it start up again sooner or later. We've now been married some 29 years and I'm depressed most of the time. I have NO will to keep the marriage going or stay with Harold anymore. Yet, I have no where else to go and nobody who frankly gives a rats ass about me in general. And frankly, I don't give a shit anymore.

In fact, I don't frankly care if I live or die. The only real reason I have at all to live is Lucky. The dog is the only one who gives a rats ass if I'm around or not. So now, I live to be here for Lucky. She needs me more than Harold or anyone else for everything. After all, Harold does nothing but show meanness toward her most of time. He claims to love her, but will then put her in the travel crate most of the time. Yet, Lucky shows him love and wants to be with him. Go figure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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