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April 30, 2013
Patricia (Pat) Marie Virgo
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James Bowden
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I said I wouldn't do this, but in light of huge issues with the two people above, I've changed my mind. Remember the Pit Bull that attack me, well, these are the two that refused to admit the guilt of the dog or the part that Pat played in it. Turning the dog loss after I had asked her not to and then was unable to control the dog while it was out of its transport crate. Whenever there are people going to see them, they always ask that the people call before visiting. This way they can get the dog into its transport crate where there is no danger of the dog attacking them. I always thought that it was a shame that they did this way until the day the dog attacked me. However, due to their refusal to acknowledge their dogs guilt, I'm stuck with the bills for treatment due to the dog attacking me.

These two are something else, and will do unethical things and then tell you that it's your own fault. They call other races names that I refuse to repeat cause I don't believe in doing anything against humanity. Jim is especially known for doing this and I've told him off for it I don't know how many times. These people have NO ethics and do things for their own person gain. In my opinion, cutting others down is something people do to make themselves feel better about themselves. And these two do a lot of it.

I know, doing this complaining on my blog isn't any better in many peoples eyes. But I'm NOT cutting them down for it, I'm simply disagreeing with them on it. As far as I'm concerned, all people have a right to respect and then we have those among us who do the opposite. It's a shame, but true. But there is more. All people have the right to live life without hate. And the two above show plenty of hate for other races as well. Every human being on earth has the right in God's eyes to: Love, Respect, Religion, and so much more. Yet, these two talk as if you're dirt if you're not a white person. Which I simply can't agree with at all.

I have in my book, two identities. In my every day life, I'm Anita Eberline. In my private life and my own personal feeling, I'm Morning Star. Because I have a husband that has Blackfoot Indian in his background, he gave me the Indian name Morning Star a long time ago. So I have two sides to me, my raising as a child, with Christian teachings. Then I have the Indian teachings by my husband that gave me not one(1), but two(2) identities. Do I choose one over the other? YES!!!!! Which do I choose? The Indian side. I had opened account on Facebook with the name Moring Star Eberline, and if was recently targeted for not being my true identity. I figure these two had everything to do with it, but can't prove it at this point. I figure I can't ever prove it, but if it is them, it was done for what they might consider 'getting even' for recent events. Well, the jokes on them, it isn't going to do anything but stop me from using that account. NO BIG DEAL!!!!

In my opinion, their both device people that need a real lesson in life, but I know that they might never get one. Am I angry with them? NO!!!! Angry is a wasted emotion that does nothing in reality. And it took me years to come to that conclusion. However, by the Blackfoot Indian laws, I have forgiven them. And again, these laws don't say that I have to forget anything they've done, so I have void NEVER to forget a thing. Therefore, the so called friendship is over and done for.

These two also did things with helping me get Lucky (my Jack Russell Terrier dog) that is unethical to say the least. Which will never be forgotten as well. Though Lucky is a nice little dog, thanks to these two helping their neighbors with selling her to me with lies. Why do I say this? Well, they just did is all. I've been through it to the point that I don't wish to go there again. But thanks to them, and their so call neighbors, Lucky can never be AKC registered, and so I have a dog I can't do as I dreamed. She's a wonderful little dog and I refuse to give her up for any reason at this point, despite the behavioral problems at times. Let's just say that they helped me get a dog that proves to be to much for me at times. I deal with the problems as they come up and get through it okay, but there is such a thing as not lying to people about the animal or the problems that can come up with them.

Then there are the matter of the two people and doing things they weren't asked to do and expecting to be paid for whatever and when they want it. Doing just because it needs doing isn't something other people do as a rule, but these two will. If you value your life, and the privacy of your life. DON'T LET THESE TWO IN YOUR LIFE AND THINK THEY'RE OKAY....BECAUSE YOU'LL BE SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 19, 2013

Wow!!! I didn't realize that it had been so long since writing in my blog. And it feels rather good to say that I don't a complaint in the world to mention. In fact, I have happy thoughts as I watch my little dog Lucky grow and become the dog she's meant to be. I've been so busy with training my dog and FaceBook that I had forgotten about writing in my blog at all. But when I was re-designing this website, and did the blog portion of the website, I discovered that 2 1/2 months had passed in no time.

Without much to say, I have a need to fill some space on this page so that I can start another. But what to say, as my summer so far has consisted of training my little dog. On the day that I have more time, I'll have to do some thinking about what all has happened during the summer and writing about it.

July 20, 2013

Well, I never dreamed that I'd be updating my blog the following day, but here I am, doing just that with it. There is so much that happens in ones life at times. Then, there is also so little to happen as well. The last couple of months have been taken up with training my Jack Russell Terrier puppy, and I lost track of time doing it. With the weather so awful hot these days, the training has been put on hold. It's not worth risking the health of Lucky or myself to keep up the training. Cooler weather is coming shortly, but even then I need to time to get over the heat sickness that I've been experiencing. It all takes time to get through no matter how you look at it.

While getting past all the stuff from the heat, I'll be working at getting the font on this website corrected. Something in my CUSS document still isn't right and it's not like I want it to look at this point. But I'll find the problem and fix it as always.

Life as I normally know it will never be again since I got my little Jack Russell Terrier puppy. Lucky is a hand full and then some in many ways. She's had all her shots now and has been spayed. The process of having both my dog and my home in tack, and I'm a happy camper on that part of my life. Lucky is 8 months old now and still growing. However, the growing has slowed down to some degree. I'm told that this will take another jump at about 10 months old and she'll grow like crazy again for a month or two. But the training is going better since she turned 8 months old for whatever reason.

Other than the summer being to short, and the training of Lucky going better. There isn't all that much to say at this point. Have a great summer everyone.

October 22, 2013

In just a few days, Lucky will be a year old and she's doing great. I just got done taking her to the vet to have her eyes looked at and taken care of because she seemed to have a cold in them or something. The eyes are now nice and clear again and she's doing as normal. Which is driving me up a wall with all that energy that she has and not dealing with it well at all. I admit that I have problems with dealing with her and that energy factor most of the time. But when this little dog isn't feeling good, it shows. Most of the time, she's not that much on loving me up and all. However, when she isn't feeling good, I get all kinds of loving whether I want it or not. The first clue to her not feeling good.

Everything I was told about the growth and development of this little dog has been untrue so far and I'm a bit disappointed to say the least. And I do believe she will remain stunted her entire life. I also know that it's not anything I did to cause it. It happened when she was still with the people who sold her to me. I know for a fact that they feed her adult dog food that was softened so that she and her sister could eat it. I know from past experience that doing this way doesn't help the puppy grow or develop properly. So her start in life at the beginning was not good at all. When I got her home, the first thing I did was put her on puppy food. Which was the best thing to do for her. But the damage had already been done. Lucky is under sized by a whole lot due to not having proper nutrients from the start, and it's a shame. Those people took a beautiful little puppy and didn't feed her properly only to have it affect her for life.

With this last visit to the vet, I was told that there is NO way that Lucky is the pure breed that they claimed her to be due to not being a more muscle build dog. She's way to slim according to what her vet says to be full Jack Russell Terrier. So what I paid for was is a mixed breed. I got ripped off big time with this little dog and I hope someday someone will be willing make those people pay for this type of thing. As for myself, I don't figure it's worth all the trouble for me to take them to court. Lucky is what she is and taking them to court won't change that.

December 3,2013

More and more people, including myself, are considering their dog or cat family in their home and treat them as such. Therefore, I've done some research on the subject to see what I could find that might be of help to pet owners like myself. Below is the results of my efforts.

The next step here is to get you to the page with the help I created for my viewers. Go here.

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