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November 30, 2012

We're doing our best to purchase a Jack Russell Terrier puppy and hope to have her home as soon as possible. She's a cute little thing and healthy to boot. I've already made a blanket for her and have come up with some toys that most little dogs love to play and sleep with when they're little. Having a healthy dog will be different for my husband and I, as we usually pick pets that have some type of health issues. This puppy is unlike any other we've had in years with being healthy from the start, and we plan to do everything humanly possible to keep her that way. Oh yes, we've named her Lucky. Why such a common name you ask, because she's a lucky little girl to have us.

December 24, 2012

Well, as of 12/3/2012, I am the proud owner of a little Jack Russell Terrier puppy. I haven't been keeping up with new posts due to trying to keep up with the new addition to our family. We purchased this puppy as our Christmas gift for each other to love, enjoy and share until death do we part, and so far, she's been a challenge for us both. Lucky is and will be a challenge to keep up with as we're not young. But all the same, I'm madly in love with this little bundle of joy.

We've been in contact with Jack Russell Terrier breeders and people who have had one to learn more about our new baby girl. Everyone tells us that she will be headstrong to every degree and try our patients to no end. But the results in the end should be positive with her. So far, their advise has been priceless. I honestly don't know what I'd do if not for these wonderful people giving us the free advise. Their encouragement with training advise is something that will always be appreciated.

Even though we have a new baby girl, let me assure our family and friends that we have not forgotten our beloved Cuddles. As she will always be remembered in our hearts and minds as one of the best dogs ever. Cuddles was and always will be our baby down deep, and will always be loved even though she is no longer with us. Having Lucky doesn't now, nor will she ever change the way we felt about Cuddles.

On the positive side of this, Lucky is already proving to be a blessing. She's helped the heart heal a bit from losing Cuddles, and that is a good thing for me. There is a bond building between Lucky and I that is wonderful between dog and human. I'm looking forward to the future that I didn't see anything good in after losing Cuddles, and that people is a wonderful feeling at this point. As time passes, the tears will stop, the hurt ease more, and life will look much better for me. As for now, I have this young dog that needs my love, care and teaching to become the best dog she can be. Gee, it's good to be needed by a little dog again.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

January 16, 2013

It's been an weird month for us so far, and it doesn't look to be getting any better before it's all over with. Weird how? Well, things just haven't gone as planned in many cases. Like the training of Lucky, and she's a little pistol to train at times. Which by the way, is going ever so slow at this point. Then, there is the fact that January always seems to go so darn slow for us. Seems that the first month of a new year is the one month that drags on forever and we seem to get nothing at all completed. Like this blog, I've been gonna work on it and just didn't have the heart to until today. So for us, it's a weird month.

Well, on to the topic that I love so much and am enjoying ever so much each day. LUCKY!!!! Yep, she's doing so nice with her growing and learning and everything else that a little dog her age does. We got worming medicine from the vet this month and gave it to Lucky as soon as we got home. The next day was the truth teller, and yes, she had worms. Since getting rid of the worms, we are watching her grow even faster now. She's going to see the Vet next month on the 4th for her first shots and exam, which will reveal the truth about her age. Seem as how the people who sold her to us can't seem to make up their minds when Lucky was born.

Oh yeah, the story of Lucky's age. When I called the lady for Lucky's DOB in December just three days after I brought her home, she told me 10/31/2012.  Which was just a date at first, but then it hit me, that's Halloween. Now mind things here, cause the lady's stories don't hold true. You see, when I brought Lucky home, this same lady told me she was seven (7) weeks old. But the DOB the lady gave me made Lucky only 4˝ weeks old. Then this month the lady tells our friends that Lucky's DOB is 10/26/2012, and gives them the story that I caught her in a store and she didn't have the information on her. Now, having the experience of raising puppies myself, that just doesn't wash with me, cause you don't forget the DOB of those sweet little puppies. It's like forgetting the DOB of your child, it just doesn't happen, at least not that I can see. When my husband and I talked to Jack Russell Terrier breeders and owners, they said the same thing. So this story of I couldn't remember while in the store isn't washing as well. So keeping Lucky's doctor appointment next month is very important at this point. As the vet will know by looking at our puppies teeth how old she is pretty much. I see the age at about 12 weeks, give or take, which I'm darn good at with most dogs. But the vet will know even better than me. In any case, the whole mess is a bunch of hog wash so far. This beautiful baby dog doesn't deserve to be done this way. If the second DOB is true, that made Lucky 5˝ weeks old when sold to me, not 4˝ weeks as first thought. Which is only a week older and still to young to be taken away from her real mother. Oh, by the way, I was told all this over the phone on January 8, 2013, and it was our friends who called with this news.

I was also promised AKC registration papers for Lucky. Turns out that I'm not going to get them. Now that's enough to upset anyone, and I don't care who you are or why for that matter. So I've asked for a receipt to prove that I have at least purchased this beautiful puppy. On the receipt, I've requested this information:

  1. The first and last name of the lady who sold Lucky to me.

  2. The date on which I purchased her. Which was 12/3/2012.

  3. The DOB (Date of Birth) of Lucky.

  4. The purchase price.

  5. The true breed of Lucky, which there is NO doubt that she is a Jack Russell Terrier.

  6. And the address and telephone/cell phone number of the seller, with her signature.

Something says down deep that I'm not going to get it, and if I do, it'll surprise me totally. So, I plan to stay right on the situation until I get what I have a right to have, a receipt for purchasing my beautiful baby girl. After all, I'm entitled to at least that much. By law in Michigan, I'm entitled to everything I've asked for on the receipt and I know it. But sometimes it's a matter of getting what's entitled to you. However, that can be and a lot of times is a difficult task when you didn't get it from day one. I'm not one for just giving up on such matters, so it could take a while, but I'm not quieting until the job is done. Once I have the receipt in hand, I'll see where things go from there. On the matter of the AKC registration papers, she was having someone do up papers that shouldn't have been done that we can tell. If this is the case, she was breaking the law. Again, our friends were the ones that told us about this and they relayed the information to me. According to our friends, this lady was having another lady writing up AKC registration papers that might or might not have been legal. Cause our friends tell us that Lucky's parents were NOT registered dogs to begin with that they knew. Now doesn't that beat all.

It seems to me, that I have the right to what is promised. But if there was something illegal going on with the AKC registration of Lucky, then it's just as well that I won't get them. However, this puts the stops to any dreams of having a registered dog for the first time in my life. Plus, I wanted to enter Lucky into dog shows, and it also puts a stop to ever being able to do that as well. The only good thing to this so far, is that Lucky is my little baby girl that I love whether she is papered or not. You see, I'm madly in love with a little puppy dog named Lucky forever. She's my darling no matter what and there is already a special bond between me and my little Lucky that can't be replaced no matter what happens. She's as special as Cuddles was in my heart, and like Cuddles, she'll always have a special place in my heart. I've come to love, respect and enjoy Lucky just as much as I ever did Cuddles. Lucky is my baby girl through and through. So that means that I WILL fight for her sake for the right thing and NOT give up that fight NO matter what.

Well, that does it for today. See you next time!

March 22, 2013

It's been a while since my last entry, but I've been busy training my puppy Lucky. Who, by the way, is doing excellent. Though the training is slow at best, she is learning.

Things have been busy to for me with getting the puppy her shots and setting up her schedule for getting spayed and getting her first license. Everything is ready to go and I'll have it paid for before the day comes to take her to the vet to get her spayed. I even found an origination that will help with the cost of getting her spayed. So I'm all set. All I have to do now is get her there. Oh yeah, I still have to pay the vet some money before the surgery takes place.

Now for the usual. The complaining that I normally use my blog for.

My husband and I have these two friends, that's if you choose to call them friends. These days, it's questionable at best. As I've been accused of letting my dog (Lucky) run my life. Now, don't get me wrong, we do owe them a bit of money. BUT! Is that reason to do things that make it even more difficult on us right now. I understand that we need to pay them back, but we didn't ask them to spend the money on our car to begin with. They did things and then brought the car back to us fixed and ready to run. All we actually asked them to do is get the car where we didn't have to take the chance on having it toad away, as we live where if your car isn't in running order, and they find out, they have it toad away. We had just purchased Lucky and was out of money to fix the car, which was running. It stopped running after we got it home. It isn't the money issue that got to me, it's the fact that they refuse to talk to us over stupid stuff, such as, not having the money to pay them right away. It's like we have money coming out our ears or something since we purchased Lucky and all.

Anyway. Since we can't pay them due to having to do for the dog in order to keep our apartment, they have this silly idea that we're refusing to pay them back or something. When in fact, we are just loaded with extra out going right now that has to be taken care of first due to the dog. Once she is taken care of, the extra expense will not be a problem, because after it's all said and done we won't have extra money being paid out.

There were words on Facebook between us that most likely shouldn't have been said, and I was no different at the time. As I didn't hold back at all with them. But then, their not in my situation either with keeping their home due to not following the rules for having a pet. In fact, they don't have that type of problem, therefore, they don't have a clue what I'm going through at the moment. The amount we owe them is small, in fact, it's something I wouldn't worry about if they were in my situation. But then, they aren't me. In any case, they've pushed buttons that should have been left alone. Asking someone to pay even when they can't at the time isn't the way to treat a friend. Even if they do owe it.

What really gets me is the fact that when it was first done, I was told not to worry about paying right away. To take my time and pay when I could, not when they wanted me too. Next thing I know, I'm being pushed to pay right away the following month before my husband even gets his SSA check. So much for not worrying about it. It's been this way for two months now, knowing that I have to take care of keeping our apartment first by doing what the apartment complex rules say where we live. Yet, these so called friends still think that I'm letting Lucky run my life. It's not the dog the darn fools, it's the place where we are renting our apartment. It's either comply with the rules, or get evicted. I wonder what they would do in my shoes? Like I said, I realize that we need to pay them back and all. But with the situation we have a present, that's just not possible. They'll just have to wait and like it.

Now, with all this said, there is something that everyone should know. In order to pay our monthly bills, pay the vet and do for the dog due to the complex rules. We've had to resort to eating at a soup kitchen at a local church. We have little to eat at home and there is NO meat to eat at all. We get meals twice a week and that's it. The rest of the time, we do what we can at home with what we have or we get nothing at all. And if we hadn't paid the cable bill, I wouldn't be updating this blog. So I'm doing my best and so is my husband, but extra money we don't have. Living this way isn't right over a dog, but this is the price we're willing to paid for having our beloved Lucky. She's worth it, as she wouldn't understand if it were her having to suffer from all of this. We may not have the food we need, but Lucky has everything she needs to be with us and eat. And we wouldn't have it any other way. After all, Lucky is just a little dog that doesn't understand.

One thing this little dog understands is that we love her unconditionally. So much so that we're willing to go without and make sacrifices so that she doesn't have to suffer. We can't say that about these so called friends. It's to bad that they refuse to understand our situation at present. I hope they're dam happy with what they've done to us and our dog. I can forgive them, but forget what they've done....NEVER! For this is one of the roughest things we've had to do in a long time, and to be treated the way they have treated us is totally uncalled for all the way around.

My anger and frustration hasn't been this high in years, and I pray that it is never brought to this level again. I can't speak for others, but as far as I'm concerned, this isn't friendship with these people. It's something that I refuse to mention or be for that matter.

The rest of my time has been pretty good, and I'm working on the issues that we have at present. It will take time. It will take patience. It will even take extra money. But we will get through them. Lucky will be spayed the first part of May due to still owing the vet for the surgery. Which has to be paid before the surgery will take place. Although it should be easier on my husband's SSA check for the next two months going through this. With any luck at all, we should be able to pay those people soon. I'm not making any promises to when we'll have them paid, just that they will get they're darn money as soon as we have it to pay.

And little beloved Lucky. Well, she is doing just great through all of this stuff. She doesn't have a clue, and it's best that she doesn't and my husband and I both realize this fact. But if...and I'm saying IF...if she could understand, I'm sure she'd be telling these two fools, "Leave my people alone, they're doing their best for everything concerned!!!!!".

April 4, 2013

At some point, we’ve all made mistakes, been walked on, used and forgotten. We’ve let people take advantage of us, and we’ve accepted way less than we deserve. But we shouldn’t regret one moment of it, because in those moments we’ve learned a lot from our bad choices. We’ve learned who we can trust and who we can’t. We’ve learned the meaning of friendship. We’ve learned how to tell when people are lying and when they’re sincere. We’ve learned how to be ourselves, and appreciate the truly great people and things in our lives as they arrive. And even though there are some things we can never recover and people who will never be sorry, we now know better for next time.

April 12, 2013

Well, on the 19th of this month, I'll turn 57 and I'm not so sure that I like the idea anymore. With every year that goes bye now, they find more wrong with me that can't be fixed. Or at least for all intense proposes, they can't be fixed. Money is a huge issue with me when it comes to taking care of my medical needs, so doing anything with health issues that cause me any pain is not done. It's hard on me, but I do manage the pain to some degree the best that I can. And life goes on whether I'm in pain or not these days.

Sometimes there is question about what I want or wish for on my birthday. But this year, it's a whole different story. I know just what I want! A way to be rid of the pain I'm in each and every day of my life. Then there are the people I wish to be with on my birthday. Well, I can't complain there, as that wish already came true. A bit soon maybe, but I got my wish. I got to spend time with my brother Herb and loved every minute spent with him. It was good to see him!

April 21, 2013

Not long ago, I had announced on Facebook that I was considering selling my little Lucky due to the fact that she is a Jack Russell Terrier, and known for energy that is out of this world. However, I no long believe that the problem is totally the dog. You see, my husband and I have health issues that don't allow us to keep up with this little girl, which isn't her fault. It's become hard for us to deal with the everyday things that come with owning a JRT. So I figured that I would have to sell the dog. I even went as far as to create the ad to place in local businesses and the like in an effort to sell her. She had gained control and was misbehaving all over the place, causing my husband and myself a great of stress that neither of us needed. With working harder to regain control of my dog, she is now behaving better. But there are still times when I'd like to scream from the frustration of all that energy within this little dog. I've been told by people who have had their own JRT's to hang in there with her, yet, it's easier said than done. At present, we call her our little "Tasmanian Devil" dog due to all that energy she has.

Well, today we were told that having her spay could help, but that's ONLY one person telling us this. Everyone else says the opposite and that isn't at all what we need to hear at this point with Lucky. Though there are times when she can be very loving, most of the time that energy takes over and she never stops moving. She's always and forever looking for new things to do and new games to play. There's never a minute in a day that Lucky isn't on the move, even when she's showing us love.

Then, there are the cute things that she does that puts us in awe. There are so many of these that they can't all be talked about here, but we sort of enjoy them. One thing for sure, Lucky is nothing like my little Cuddles by any means. We thought that Cuddles was just an 'bundle of energy' at times, but Lucky, she lives up to the phrase without any problem. After doing the ad and sitting here making sure everything was covered in it, I'm not so sure I can go through with selling Lucky. I'm totally in love with her and enjoy having her despite all that energy she has in that little body. Lucky will be 6 months old on the 26th of this month and growing like a weed.

Then, there is the matter of housebreaking. Potter outside is good, but it's the potty inside that is a huge problem yet. Seems like every time we take her out to go potty, she'll come back in and start doing the potty in the apartment as though she never went outside at all. So, that's not so good at this point. I've never had a dog that I couldn't housebreak by the time they were 6 months old. We've tried keeping her in the transport crate and taking her out every hour on the hour. We've tried everything that professionals say to do and NOTHING works. I've even tried feeding her on a schedule, taking her out 15 minutes after eating and that doesn't work either. Now we're trying the transport crate, with scheduled feedings to see if this works any better. But I don't have any high hopes just yet, as this will take a while and I know it.

Yep, my little Tasmanian Devil is always and forever on the move, doing things that most of the time get her in huge trouble. But for the most part, I do believe that it's going to be hard to let her go to other people. I'm really not so sure about anything at this point. I love Lucky without doubt, and life won't be the same without her. But there is hope that we can find her another home where the people can keep up with her and handle the everyday dealings with a JRT. You can rest assured of this much, I will not just hand Lucky over to someone that isn't special or that she doesn't like. And there will be another dog in my future sooner or later. This time I'll take my time and look for that special little girl or boy that suits our needs in a dog that we can live with a WHOLE LOT BETTER.


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