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July 2, 2012

This is just the first of many entrees in this blog. So come back as often as you can to see what is next.

My husband and I will become homeless to some degree in order to get some much needed help to get into another apartment. We don't like the idea, but it's become necessary to get where we need and want to be. Our need to move back to our home town has brought us to a state that we never dreamed would come.

Every day is about to become a new experience for us as we do things to get into a place where we know in our hearts will be better for us. Where we will be in our home town among family and friends that know and love us for who we are, not just there to be there. But once we're there, we're there for a long time. As we do not wish to move away again ever.

For everyday that we must spend homeless, we must keep this in mind:

The one good thing to what will start in August for us on being homeless. We are never really alone. Our Lord will see us through everything no matter what.

Oh yes, that's the one thing I didn't mention. When all of this would take place. Well, we have it planned for the beginning of August. For the month of July, we will remain in the apartment we have and do the packing to put things into storage until we get the place we're looking at to live. Family and friends need to go to our "Family Only" section to more detailed information.

August 19, 2012

Things didn't work out the way we had hoped and we're still living in Imlay City, Michigan.

The place where we're living is frustrating to say the least. The laundry mate they have here doesn't work properly most of the time, and a person ends up spending more money than necessary to do the job. The manager of the place is forever feeding the people the story that things will get fixed soon. However, they never do in reality.

Things have been worse than usually for us this month. As most people do when on a limited income, we're trying to get ready for winter starting now. Our very first thing was getting our car fixed, and there is still more to do it before winter gets here. As always, there's more to do than can be done before the deadline. So we've decided to do what we can and hope it's enough.

I guess that when you mess things up so bad that you figure they can't be fixed with friends, you just have to work at things and talk to people with an open heart. If everyone truly cares, then all will be forgiven and life goes on from there. I never dreamed it would come to what I'm about to do online in our blog.

Pat, I've said this once and I have absolutely no problem saying it again. I was wrong for the way I acted with things over the welfare of Cuddles. Yes, there were problems that couldn't be helped and it was an extremely difficult time for both Harold and myself. I'm only human my friend and therefore will act accordingly when situations bring on stress. Everything say and done was all over the worry of Cuddles due to her having not four, but four to six seizers a day. We got her to her Vet as soon as we could and hopefully the problems have been taken care of and things can hopefully get back to normal.

I do apologize for the way I acted both online and off. I should have, and hopefully will, handle things much differently the next time. However, I will remain a human always and make mistakes as long as we live on this earth. So, please forgive my imperfections and love the person within the body that houses the personality within. After all, God made me special too.

Okay, with that said, onward and upward.

It doesn't rain, but what it pours. This month brings on more troubles and more difficulties. My reading glasses broke and I have an awful time seeing anything on the computer. Working on Facebook has gotten so difficult that I try not to spend anymore time than needed on the games. I do only what is necessary and no more it I can help it right now. Even doing the work on the blog is a huge difficulty. I don't see things clearly at all, so please forgive me if sentences and the like are incorrect at this point. I will make the necessary corrections when I get new reading glasses. Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding.

September 8, 2012

Ok, I again have a pair of reading glasses and am doing much better with them. The frames are not that strong, but they are usable. If they last a year or more, then that's ok too. As we purchased a spear so that I wouldn't have this problem again.

Well, the homeless situation didn't happen. Without reading glasses and other things that are of great help to me, things just wouldn't work out and we had to stay in the apartment we have for the time being. We want to try again, but not sure when. It's not as easy as it sounds to just give up a home that already exists.

With glasses and other things already purchased to help us, we hope to do it soon. On the other hand, it may never happen due to needing help in other areas and being unable to get it. Plus, we have winter coming on. In Michigan, it's a bad idea to go homeless as far as I'm concerned. But with the way things are in some situations yet, it could make our lives a total hassle. Then there is the issue of the other place not having an apartment open for us yet. So the husband and I will have to talk things over again to be sure about this whole ordeal.

As for life in Imlay City, if could be worse. On the other hand, it could be a whole lot better. We still have no friends or family here, and am longing to move back to Caro as soon as possible. We can only pray that when the comes, we have what we need to make the move.

I thought by now that my brother, sister and other family members would want access to this website. So far, NOTHING! So much for having them join me with the happenings here. They have all the time in the world to ask me, it's just that I really wanted it to happen sooner.

I'm always so good at keep everyone informed of the happenings, but I do try to get a monthly entry in and have it so that people know what we're up to and where we plan to go with things. It's one of the easiest ways to do so for our people and I plan to keep it going as long as I can. It would always be prefect, but it will be here.

About our dear little dog Cuddles. She has improved, yet is still having seizers sometimes two and three times a day. We're working with her Vet to get the seizers under control, but it's going to take time. She's still the happy, go lucky little dog and will hopefully be with us for a long time to come. We just celebrated her 4th birthday this last July. Although Cuddles is going strong and doing what most dogs do, she'll always have the epilepsy no matter what anyone does. And I, as her owner, couldn't ask for a better little dog. Cuddles is the best thing ever to happen to me and I love this little dog with all of my heart.

The more I think about it, the more inviting it is to become homeless. Who knows the future wholes as this point. Only if we all had our health to agree with us in the thought of going homeless to get the help we need get the apartment in Caro. With so many things going on with our health, and the dog's health, it makes it hard to us go the homeless seen.

May good things come to all in the future. May we all get what we need and do well. Until next time everyone.

September 18, 2012

There is always at least one person in one's life that offers an idea question mark to life. Whether it be a friend or family member, they always question things no matter what it is or why. In the process, they say things that tend to make you anger to say the least, and then leave you hanging in some form or another. With one such friend, I'm finally feed up with the craziness that they offer life no matter what it's about and have removed them from many things concerning my internet dealings. There is no sense in having the craziness that my husband and I don't need.

To this friend, I have this to say. You've questioned just about everything to the point that I'm tired of dealing with you and all the bullshit that you bring to our lives. It's time you get a life and terminate the things you put people through. The buck stops here, the whole ordeal is over and so is the friendship that you obviously don't want anyway. I'm feed up with explaining everything we do or need to do only to be questioned no matter what we tell you.

Remember, your boyfriend owes us money for work done on my computer. I expect it to be paid within the next month, or I will be taking care of business and soon. If he or you decide to deny that the money is owed, I do have ways to make your life not so good. There is NO intent to do harm, or anything that could hurt you. But I love taking people to court for money owed. After all, if you have a dept, you should pay up without an argument.

Oh yeah, I will be coming after my plaints that are at your place in October. Can't say when for sure, but I will be coming after them as soon as possible. Please have them ready and waiting for me. While I'm there to get my plaints, please NO arguments or any likeness of such. My health isn't up to it. Should you start in on me or my husband, I will leave until to you can withhold from arguing with us. Thank you.

Good luck ex-friends.

October 1, 2012

Well, another month gone and a new one begins. Our news is about the same at this point, with nothing really new to report or talk about. Seems that one day is exactly like the other these days. We still can't make the move back to Caro as we had hoped for a number of reasons that like our days, seems to be to much like an old story. We're still hoping and praying though to make that move as soon as possible.

We've begun playing a game or two on Facebook that we like so far, but we're not sure what to think about them. Only time will tell and we plan to stay with them to find out more. On both my husband's and my accounts, we're deleted a few friends that were no longer on, and we're sorry to see that they have quite. We wish them all good luck and a very happy life.

I guess that does it for now. Hope to have some good news soon.

November 2, 2012

It's one of the those things that none of us like to face. The dying or death of someone or something that we love. Well, that day came for our beloved Cuddles. Her seizers are no longer controllable with medicine, so we've had her put down on 11/2/2012. It's not a choice that I'm liking, but one that is best for little Cuddles. Nobody can say for sure that she is suffering, but the look in her eyes say it all when she's having a seizer. That look of pain, mixed with please do something for me is more than I or my husband can bare any longer. It's time to end this wonderful little dogs suffering and let the Lord take care of her from now on.

There are times right now that I don't do so well with handling everything on my dish, and I tend to be a real kill joy with a lot of things. But then, considering what I'm going through right now, people are lucky I'm nice at all. Sad is not how I would describe the way I feel over having to put my little dog down. As there is nothing anyone could say that would make me feel better. I haven't felt this bad over something of this nature in a long time, but it doesn't change the way I feel for the time being. Losing Cuddles is something that nobody would or could enjoy.

On the good side of this, Cuddles had a good life with my husband and myself. Even though she is Epileptic, and the seizers come with this conduction, she is one of the best little dogs a person could ask for or could ever want. True, she isn't always prefect, but we can't ever say that this little dog didn't give everything her best effort all of the time. She played tug-a-war with all her might, caught the ball and ran after it with heart. She played what we called pocket ball with vigor and loved every moment. And going bye-bye, it was her favorite thing of all.

That ride in the car with us was just it, and she loved it. Nothing better in the world and having her with us was like heaven on earth for us as well. Though we didn't take Cuddles often due to her conduction and all, it was always a joy when we did. She never misbehaved it seemed, all the while taking in everything she sew. It was like giving a child a piece of candle. So full of life my little Cuddles, that I often forgot that she was just a little dog. If I could take away the health issues I would, as not having it would probably allow Cuddles an even longer time here with us. A longer time to hold, love and care for a little dog so perfect for us that she seems a part of our family. Lord knows, Cuddles will be missed for a very long time to come.


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