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My New Puppy
Lucky - 5 1/2 weeks old
Our new puppies first picture.
Taken on: 12/4/2012

Well, here's my new baby. Okay, it hasn't been that long since I lost my darning Cuddles, but it's time to get on with life. This page will take a while to do because there is so much that I don't know about this wonderful new friend about to become a part of my family. So give me time to get to know my new baby before writing about her.

Name: Lucky
DOB: 10/26/2012
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Purchased: 12/3/2012

Well, you guessed it, the people I got Lucky from let me bring her home way to early. When I brought Lucky home she was only 5 1/2 weeks old, but for such a young puppy, she does extremely well in deed. She is eating and drinking on her own without any problems at all, and she loves to play with just about anything given to her. Little Lucky Eberline lives up to the Jack Russell breed in every way possible, and will continue to do so for as long as she lives. Full of energy, she goes and goes until bed time...which is not an easy time for her. Singing "Happy Kitty" is about the only way to get her calm enough to go to sleep for the night, but I use what works.

There will be other things when she's old enough, but for right now, I guarantee that I have my hands full with Lucky even at just 5 1/2 weeks old.

Lucky at 6 1/2 weeks: Well, it got worse. She's into everything and anything. But the joy she gives me just having her is worth every minute. She's now climbing up onto the couch with me and doing what puppies do. She isn't like any normal puppy that I've ever had, but such a joy at the same time. The energy this little girl has is almost unbelievable. There are days so far that I'd like to cream around here cause of the crazy things she'll do to get to things she shouldn't have. Yet, there she is into it all. I take more things away from her than I give to her...if that makes any sense at all. I keep saying it couldn't get any worse, and next thing I know, it does just that with this silly puppy. And down deep, I love her all to much. She picked me, I didn't pick her. Which is the best way to get a puppy. Why? Cause it builds a special bond that makes it all worth wild.


Lucky is about to turn 8 weeks old the day after Christmas 2012 (12/26/2012), and is improving on behavior and other matters. It's going to take a LOT of patients and time to get her past the spoiling she's had in her first 4 weeks of life. But I have all the confidence in the world that she's going to be a great dog when all her training is completed. I've been advised to not let other people give her commands that live outside my home. In other words, people who don't live with her are to leave well enough along while I train this little Jack Russell puppy for her own darn good. So, while I train and teach Lucky, all family and friends are to keep their noses out of the situation when visiting. I've also been advised not to let other people hold her while this training is going on since it can confuse her on who is who at this point. These two(2) rules must be enforced until she is at least 6 to 9 months old.

The thing I'm enjoying the most with her is the time spent playing and teaching her the basic dos and don'ts of a normal Jack Russell Terrier puppy. The thing to remember is that most dogs can be spanked for some things, but a Jack Russell can't be for any reason. They can be turned aggressive if you use this form of punishment, so the key is to find a punishment that works without the actual spanking most dogs receive. My punishment simply is putting her in a transport cage that is also her bed. Like most kids, she hates being put to bed for what she's done wrong.

Potty time is another story all together. There is a huge problem here with being headstrong and stubborn. Yet, there is now some progress that I'm seeing after staying with the training and staying right in this little dogs case. Most of the time, a simple "BAD DOG" is good. However, she is so headstrong and determined to have her way, that she often forgets that she is the dog and I'm the human who is teaching. She has the idea that being a sassy dog will get her way regardless of what I say or do. And again, the key is patients that isn't always there to be had with her.

All in all, Lucky is doing much better, but still needs the training that she is getting. The key to having a health and happy Jack Russell is doing what works, but sticking to your rules with them. You must be more headstrong and yet patient with them to actually keep up with them. So on goes the training and teaching that this little beautiful baby dog needs. Never giving up even if I feel like it at the time.

Oh yes, lets not forget the toys. I gave her a kitty that my husband suggested, and she just loves it. The silly thing was bigger than her when I gave it to her, but she has now grown to the point that she and kitty are about the same size. She shacks that silly kitty so hard that I just have to laugh. I have a tug-a-war for her as well that she's doing very well with indeed. She puts all the strength she has into tugging on it when I'm playing with her. Lucky also has a bunny, a heart, a monkey and 3 or 4 balls to keep her busy. Yet, with all this, she still gets herself into all shorts of trouble. I'm finding that stuffed toys like the kitty, bunny and monkey are her favorite toys. Oh yes, the kitty is at the top of the list for favorite toys right now.

My husband has talked to several people who raise Jack Russells, or have one that all say that I must never give up on what I'm trying to teach my new baby girl. That the key to raising a Jack Russell Terrier is sticking to the rules at all costs. Even when the task of training seems impossible to a point that you simply rather give up and get rid of the dog. Which tell me that I have to get tough or quiet, and I'm not about to quiet on her. Looks like I get to use the headstrong personality that has always been in me sense I was a child. But after all the years of having no real need for it much, I have to admit that I don't like needing it with a little dog like Lucky. But if I must, then I guess I must.

I have noticed that, Lucky at this young age, has already become protective of me more so than my husband. Which I've been told that is saying that she has selected me as her owner. To be honest, I had this figured out the day I looked at her and her sister. But it has already gotten so that she doesn't like people even acting as though their about to hit me. So I cannot do as I use to just playing around, and by all means, I cannot allow others to play around this way either. This tends to send BAD messages to Lucky about the people I allow to be in or a part of her life. So all types of hitting, even just play actions of this type, has to stop NOW.


Lucky - 12 weeks old


Oh my, what a few weeks can do when you have a puppy that is growing as nice as what Lucky is at this point. She's now been wormed by her doctor and is free to grow and keep the food she eats to do so. Seems like I just got this beautiful little girl and already look at how much she's grown. It's a wonderful thing being a puppy with me, cause love is the key to raising a beautiful puppy like Lucky.

There's a question now when Lucky was born. The people I purchased her from are now saying that she was born on 10/26/2012 instead of 10/31/2012. So the problems begin over a little puppy that wasn't purchased by known breeders with good references. It is a case that I may never see the AKC registration papers on her due to this fact. There is no doubt that Lucky is pure breed Jack Russell Terrier, but ever being able to show her is now a non-existed thing. Though I know by looking at her parents and her that she is the pedigree the people claimed, I have no proof on paper in order to place her in a dog show. Therefore, there is NO showing her. It's a shame, because she is perfect for showing.

If it had not been for registered breeders and people who have owned Jack Russell Terriers who have been willing to help us know the breed better, I would be lost. These people willingly talked to me for free to help make Lucky's life and mine easier. My husband and I have talked to these people and they have all told us that this little dog is an extra special breed. I now know that I'm truly an above average person to help this extraordinary little dog grow up to be all that she can be, even as a disabled person myself.

Lucky is truly an extraordinary dog, and I'm finding myself loving her more with each day that I have her. She knows all her toys by name. She's learned to walk with the leash and so much more. Though there is a lot to teach her yet, so far the people I've talked to are right about her abilities and dislikes. She loves attention like any dog, but she demands it daily. I've even had a friend say that I'm letting Lucky run my life. Actually, I take care of her and make sure she has everything she needs before doing anything or going anywhere. Which is normal for me to do. AS this is NOT a little dog one can spoil, and she must be taken care of properly like any other little dog.

Even though I can't show her, I can enjoy this beautiful little dog that is now in my care. There is NO shortage of love in my heart and she is a very much loved little girl already. I'm already looking forward to teaching and working with Lucky to help her become the best dog she can be. The key is not giving up on her or myself in the process. Lucky learns quickly and easily without question. This is the smart little dog that everyone has promised she would be for me.


Lucky - 3 1/2 months old


It's hard to believe that Lucky is growing this fast, but look at her in this latest picture. At the rate she's going it won't be long and she'll be an adult in no time at all. She's had her first visit to the vet and did very well. Everything is as it should be and I'm happy about it, but there are still questions that may never be answered. I do know now that Lucky is one healthy puppy and should live a good life as long as I take proper care of her. Thank goodness for the knowledge we have about taking care of puppies like her.



Lucky - almost 5 months old

Well, it's been a bit longer since I updated this page this time, but the picture above is the latest and she is growing at a normal rate. I've been working with her and training is coming along nicely. Lucky can sit, stay and heal to some degree. She doesn't always do prefect, but she does do them. For a little girl to young to be away from her mother when I first got her, she is a well balanced little girl now. You'd never know that she had issues at the beginning of her life with me due in part to the fact that I took extra care to make sure she had what she needed those first few weeks after I got her.

Lucky now has her puppy license and is what I call a "Legal Beagle". Now all that is left to do, is have her spayed so that she doesn't have any puppies of her own. Which is a shame, but it's best to do due to my age and abilities. Plus, it's part of the rules where my husband and I live. She has all her shots and is a normal/healthy puppy that will grow up into a nice adult dog.

The training of Lucky is coming along nicely and she now does well with some things and not so well with others. Like with any puppy, is a slow process that must be done daily. Potty training in the winter is a nightmare, and she still isn't doing well with that. But with warmer weather coming soon, that situation should change.

A list of the commends she does well with:

  1. Sit - sometimes has to be repeated, but not often.

  2. Stay - used to have her wait to go get a toy that has been thrown for her.
  3. Come - still needs more work as she tends not to come when called.
  4. Heal - still needs more work, but it's coming along nicely. Am waiting for warmer weather to do outside, as more room is needed.
  5. Back - use this when placing her dishes on the floor with food and water in them.
  6. Nice - use this when giving her treats with our hands.
  7. Give - use this when play with her toys with her, and she does pretty good with it.
  8. Up - use when wanting her on my lap.
  9. Down - use when she jumps on us and for having her get off my lap.
  10. Beg - use when we want her sit up with her front paws in a relaxed position. One of those cute things that I want her to do.

The 10th one is so not understood right now. It's not that Lucky refuses to listen, it's that she doesn't understand what I want just yet. When I show her by helping to do it, she has the strangest look on her face. Even with the treat ready and waiting, she has no clue. One of these days though, and then look out, she'll do it just because like everything else. As you can see, this is a lot of commends for one little dog to learn in just a couple of months or so, but Lucky is doing most of them without a problem. Everyone has told me not to tease her, but nobody told her the same about me. And she is a little tease. LOL

Though there are some difficulties with the commends at some points, she does well after she's been allowed to just be the puppy she is for the first few minutes before a training section begins. Once her attention has been gotten, she then works hard to please. As far as the training in general goes, Lucky has her moments where there is NO getting through to her. By the time Lucky is 6 months old, she should be doing all the above and more. It all takes time and patience's to work with the dog and she with me.

All in all, Lucky is becoming a good girl with the help of good training. She's been a great learner and overall joy to work with. If only some people could or would be as good as my puppy has been about things. If Lucky continues to do this well, by the time she's a year old, she'll be well trained and have NO behavior issues. Just think, I was told the Jack Russell Terriers are headstrong and stubborn as they get. And to some degree, YES she is, but patience is the key to teaching any dog or other type of animal. Two key things to training any dog: PATIENCE AND BEING SMARTER THAN THEM.

Growth and Development:
Lucky now weighs approximately 10 pounds and is approximately 11 inches high at her back. She started cutting her adult teeth about the same time that I got her the final puppy shots (started shots late). By the time Lucky is 6 months old, she will or should have her adult teeth all in. So far, her teeth are normal and straight. Muscle tone is normal, with daily activates a plus for excise and play. She does well retrieving items and bringing them back to me. No real behavior problems that can't be work out.
Well, the best pictures yet of Lucky are here:
Please notice the markings, as I don't believe I've ever seen anything like them in my life. So unique!!!!
Pictures Taken 4/23/2013

To me, these are pictures of joy. I've been trying to get ones like these since I've had Lucky, and finally, success! To me, they show Lucky as she really is and with all her markings about her face and ears. She is very differently marked and I just love them, as I love the dog herself. The only thing that worries me, is that someone might steal her when I take her with me for trips and the like. Her nails need trimming again and that will happen when I take her to the vet for spaying soon.

The behavior problems that I spook of in my blog seems to be gone for the time being, but I'm not counting on anything just yet. I've changed the way I do a lot of things with Lucky that I think has helped the situation. Yet, she still has some problems that need work. All in all, things have improved greatly to what they were just a couple of weeks ago. She still does well with her training most of the time, but there are still areas of problems with that part as well. I'm hoping that I will not have to find her another home. However, if I can't change the behavior by the time she's a year old, I may have too.


Though it's been a while since I reported how Lucky is coming with her training, she's doing very well indeed. Even though she has a bit of problem with some commends, she is getting better at them. Lucky is now learning to Heal and enjoy her walks with me. Slowly but surely, I've been able to make Lucky a good dog citizen in different ways and in different situations. Even around other dogs so some degree. She still has a long way to go, but there is progress with her each day. Her little dog attitude is slowly changing with each time I work with her on all the issues she's had at one point or another.

The biggest problem I'm having isn't my dog, but rather, my husband who believes that a dog understands ever word said to them. I've been working at changing this idea, but it's worse than working with my Jack Russell Terrier. At least I'm making progress with my JRT, the husband isn't so easy to teach. As he is set in his ways and refuses to listen to reason at this point. If I can get the dog and the husband to work together it would make a world of difference for me and the jobs goals at hand with my dog.


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