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Legal Information
Copyright Statement

All material and/or contents of this website is copyrighted by Anita Eberline. All rights are reserved by the said named person. No part may be reproduced without prior expressed permission by said named person, Anita Eberline, unless otherwise stated on any given page.

Images and/or backgrounds are copyrighted by Anita Eberline, and I alone reserve all rights to change those images and/or backgrounds at will.  No image and/or background may be reproduced without prior expressed permission by said person named within this copyright statement.

Privacy Statement

Persons under the age of 16 should have permission from a parent or guardian to Email me, as your email address and your name will be sent to me automatically. They are never given to any second or third party under any circumstances.

I'm open to suggestions, but receive the right to do what I feel is best with the information you send me. Like my viewers, my privacy is also information that is private. Please do not give out my email address or other information that I send you by replying to your email.

I do try my best to follow the Federal Trade Commission [FTC] COPPA Act - Children's Online Privacy Protection Act website.

GuestBook Signatures

My GuestBook is for people to have their comments about this website seen by other people so they may read what others think of it. I do not and will never require a visitor to sign my GuestBook under any circumstances. It's up to the viewer to send that information to me, and then up to me if it gets published or not on the GuestBook pages.

With the way I've designed the GuestBook, I will be watching all entries carefully. As the entries are directly to me by email. If I should find questionable content in your entry, I will email you about them or just plan ignore them if they have content that I do not want on my website.

Please use ethics and manners when signing my GuestBook for my sack and the sack of my viewers. Thank you!

Disclaimer Statement

I will not be held responsible for any messages that are lost in transient; nor will I be held responsible for changing the  content of those emails sent to me.  However, I do monitor my email messages to be sure they are of quality content so that I will not be offended.

The disclaimer below is to inform visitors of my intentions and/or what I will not accept for my web site.

  1. I, Anita Eberline, have created the backgrounds, buttons or other images pertaining to the navigation of this site, and they are not for sale. Please DO NOT STEAL my images!!!!!

  2. Graphics from these pages MAY NOT be included in, or offered from, any collection or other graphics sites, either online or in any other type of media. And they are not to be used as e-mail decorations, please.

  3. There is a GuestBook, but you will never be asked to sign it.

  4. I, Anita Eberline, do not claim responsibility for links to other sites from this site. Any and all content/images are the soul responsibility of the owners of those sites.

  5. This web site is intended for the soul purpose of people knowing us a bit better and you are not required to contact us.

Terms & Conditions

Anyone coming to my website agrees to the following "Terms & Conditions":

  1. You the visitor, agree not to ask me questions about my progress with the creation of this website.

  2. You the visitor, agree not to steal my images and/or content for any reason without my expressed prior permission.

  3. You the visitor, agree to be ethical when emailing us and not use vulgar language in it. You also agree to refrain from negative statements. As I will delete such communications and not reply to you.

  4. You the visitor, agree to view the website with an open mind.

  5. You the visitor, agree not to use this website as an example of your own, should you feel that strongly about any given topic.

  6. You the visitor, agree not to hold me, Anita Eberline, responsible for any failure of communications not being received by us.


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