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This website was created to help my friends at Facebook know me a bit better. I'm at the point now that I can call this website almost completed. However, it'll never be what a person would consider completed, because there's always something that be changed at some point. But for the most put, what you see now is what you get. Though there is always the change of heart with images and design, I don't plan on changing that aspect of this website for a long time to come.

This isn't a get to ask personal questions about the people mentioned here, or even a contact us for things that are purposely written here. It's a website at the title image states, a please to get to know me website. For family and personal friends (people I know in my personal life) to see that I've been keeping them in mind with this website as well.

The Website as a Whole

The author and designer of this website is me (Anita Eberline). So as the author and designer, I will do whatever I can to make your visit here pleasant. If you have a concern or comment, please feel free to offer it. I'll take suggestions where reasonable and try to make them work for what I need for this website. But please don't contact me with negative input, as that only tends to hurt my feelings after working so hard on it. With anything a person does, the last thing they want or need is to be told how awful something looks or feels to someone else. So please be courteous and I'll do the same.

It is my belief that most should be able to tell what is what by the link titles. Example: Website Updates - now this should tell most that they can expect to find updates on this page. The purpose of the link titles is help the visitor to know what to expect. I've done my best to do just that, but I don't always do such a get job the first time. So if you're having problems understanding something, this is exactly what I want to know. Please do contact me on this type of issue with this website. In most cases, I'm my own worse critic and strive for excellence, but I'm not perfect by any means.

With most websites, people try to use just one or two title images. Something I've never done is use more than one and it was different to say the least to create this website this way. I've created several websites of my own, and all of them have a universal title image. It just always made more sense to me to do a universal title then do like I did with this website. So it sort of goes against my better judgment and training. If nothing else, it makes this website colorful. So if you suggest that I change to universal title image, I just might do it. As this is way to different even for me.

As you can see, I've stopped using different title images, and have gone back to my universal title image. So far, I've been trying to create something that matches the way Facebook has peoples timeline. This time I've reached that goal to the best of my abilities.

Now, the different title images were done so I didn't have to type the title of each page at the top. Example: Where you see on the title image "The Get to Know Me Website", should probably have been the universal title image. The word in blue "Introduction" is the actual title in many cases. But I went for different then what I've ever done. So expect the unexpected with this website.

Things to Come

There are no plans as of yet, but something will change or be added to this website. There will even be things removed totally at some point. This is a given, because there's always something that can be changed, added or just thought of down the road to make improvements. Who knows, I may even decide that something isn't needed anymore and remove it completely. I was hoping that the man who taught me website design would see this, but that isn't possible, he passed on to a better place. But knowing him as I did, he's probably looking down and shaking his head. As this is not the way he taught me. In any case, what comes and what changes will be what it is when it gets here. The thing to remember is I have done what I know is different by even my own standards at some point. Thank goodness that is not the case any longer.


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