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Cuddles' Memorial

Though now this little darning is put to rest in an ex-friends yard, she will forever be in my heart with love and happy memories. My beloved Cuddles was one of a kind, and will live in my heart as the dog who loved life and lived for the moment. She worked hard at being a good dog always, and played just as hard as she worked. Always willing, excited and looking for more to do. Learning the whole time she lived; loving every moment of life.

Cuddles was the joy of my life, ever faithful and true to me to the very end. Her love for me never waved, and she looked forward to each and every day of life as though it were her first. My husband and I called her our Baby Girl and she answered to it as though it were her name for real. My baby girl always greeted me with excitement and joy when we'd come home from being gone away. Always with an eager happiness that carried my heart with it, as though my thoughts were a band that couldn't be removed.

It's not everyday that one finds a dog with the ability to do things in the nature that cuddles did for me. It was like she knew every move and thought before I had them most of the time. We did things so well together that it was unbelievable to most other people, and I knew from the moment I touched Cuddles that she was a very special little dog. There was nothing that this little dog wouldn't try, and nothing she did had any half way to it. Cuddles always gave 100%.

Though I didn't push Cuddles to learn a lot of things I wanted to teach her, she picked up on so many things. Yet, as her conduction got worse, she lost some of the ability to work and play as she did when I first got her. None the less, I loved her all the same. Toward the end, she couldn't play like she use to and I could see the difficulty she was just beginning to have. Yet, our little darning still managed to keep going for a year. Though she couldn't catch the ball at the end and she couldn't do things just to please me, Cuddles remained a very special part of my life.

The little dog who was, is now with our Lord. Cuddles is still in my heart as the memories come to mind, and I am reminded how much we both loved this little dog, while always receiving love in return from her. As with dogs before her, my memories with Cuddles are as special and as joyful to me. I will always remember my little baby girl with warm a heart and lots of love. If there is such a place as Rainbow Ridge, may my baby girl be there in good health, never again to know the affect of being an epileptic. May she once again be able to catch that ball and do all the other things she loves. May the wind always be at her back, and the sun always be at her face to keep her warm.

I love you Cuddles and will never forget you.

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