Cuddles' New Home at Rainbow Ridge

This is now where my Cuddles resides, at Rainbow Ridge. There are all sorts of things there from what I've been told, although I've never seen it for myself, but it sounds like heaven to me for my little dog who I loved very dearly. Now don't get me wrong, I still love little Cuddles and always will. But she's in a better place at Rainbow Ridge then I could ever provide for her. At Rainbow Ridge, she's no longer a sick little dog. She's now healthy and happy. So it's the best place for her.

I miss my baby girl with all my heart, but as long as she's better off, that's the important thing here. She no long needs medicine two and three times a day, and she has all the room a little dog could want to run and play. There is no set bedtime, there is no naptime and there is nobody to tell her what to do and when. All she knew on this earth is no more, and that is worth more than anything on this old earth. My baby girl is finely free in the true since of the word.

Though I miss my little Cuddles and always will, I pray that she is finely the dog she always wanted to be on this earth. In fact, I have NO doubt that she is and more. As I couldn't have asked for a better little dog while she was with me.


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