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A Memorial to My Special Friend Bill Heilig

Bill Heilig passed on to a better place last year the day after Thanksgiving. He was a good friend and adopted brother who always seemed to put others first. From what I knew of Bill, he had a enormous heart of gold. When there was someone in need of help, he would do his loyal best to help in any way that he could and loved every minute. There are so many things about my friend and brother that made him dear to my heart that there is no way I can tell them all. But these things will always help me to remember a devoted, loving and true family man. And as I remember him, I hold him in high esteem. May all who knew Bill Heilig feel as blessed as I do for it. As for my friend and brother, my life is improved for having known you and I will always love and remember you with great love in my heart.

Knowing that he's now in a better place, I pray that all goes well for his family. I know and understand that even though it's been six months or more, that it can be a huge adjustment to lose someone so dear to your hearts. I also feel this lose, and know that Bill is in a better place. He looks upon us with love as he sees the love we all feel and show even though he can't be with us. His heart is joyful knowing that he was loved by family and friends alike. With this said, I will always feel the love that came streaming from a very dear and special human being.

We've meant many a person,

But you our friend, our brother,

Are one in a million.

We were blessed to have known you,

And we'll never forget you,

No matter who comes our way.

We know the joy we felt to see you,

The heart felt love that you showed was wonderful,

Even if we talked on the phone from afar.

Though you're gone, we all know,

That you're watching us from where you are,

Smiling at some of the silly things we do.

As we remember days gone bye,

We think of the friend and brother,

Who loved us unconditionally through everything.

No matter what the situation,

Did his loyal best to help the people he loved,

And stand bye us despite the out come.

We've often sat in conversation,

Remembering good time,

Remembering the man that you are.

Now, we sat to reflect all that and more,

Knowing you're in our hearts and minds,

Loving you as though you're still here.

Oh Bill, our wonderful friend and brother,

We will forever hold you dear to our hearts,

Remembering everything that made you all so dear to us.

We'll always feel your presence,

The love you always gave so freely,

We'll have you inside our hearts with love and admiration.

Our lives were enriched just from knowing you,

Our hearts danced when your voice was heard,

And so we celebrate your life.

We left our sorrow in song,

Knowing that you hear us and sing along,

As you're in a better place.

As time passes, we all understand,

That our sorrow will turn to joy,

As we remember the man who loved us all.

There's no greater a friend or brother,

There's no greater a father to his children,

There's no greater a husband to his wife.

Oh yes, I dear friend and brother,

You'll always be remembered well within our hearts and minds,

As the greatest man who ever lived.

Oh yes, the finest human being by far,

The person most children are wishing to be,

The wise individual we all love so dear.

We'll miss you as much as we love you,

As we all have memories of you held so dear,

No one change our minds about the times that we shared.

In loving memory, dear one,

We'll have you still within our hearts,

As memories this strong never really die.


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