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About Anita
Basic Information

It's come to my attention that I'm a total pain in the neck to some degree. Well, that's according to my family. But in my opinion, I'm the good one of the bunch. That's only my opinion, not theirs.

In many ways, both they and I have a good point, cause I've caught myself being that pain in the neck. However, I know from experience that I am also a very good hearted person. There's not much I won't do for a close friend in need of help. And when it comes to animals, I have a weakness that won't quite. Even small children have a place in my heart that malts it to no end.

Then there is that side of me that makes me something else all together. I can be and often am, the most stubborn person to deal with once I get my mind set on something. If I'm told I can't, I'll find a way to do something even if it takes making it. But then, I was taught by my husband that there is no such thing as CAN'T. Even as a child, I didn't take to the word "no" easily though. As an adult, it's easier to take "no" for "no", but that CAN'T is still not my thing.

Things I enjoy: Knitting, Crocheting, and other crafts. Doing things on my computer is something that is a joy, as I find it easy to create just about anything on it as far as documents and the like. But the very best thing, is spending time with my little dog. She's the true joy of my life.

With the above in mind, I'd like to tell my friends on Facebook more about myself. It might not be what everyone wants to know, but the me that I know best. Please keep in mind that this page is about the "Anita" that my family and friends know as well.

Personal Information

Name: Anita Eberline
Birth Place: Cass City, Michigan
Born On: April 19, 1956
Home Town: Caro, Michigan
Residents: Imlay City, Michigan
Married To: Harold Eberline
Anniversary: August 13, 1985
Sex: Female
Joined Facebook On: September 30, 2009
Interested In: Men and Women - I'm not one to refuse anyone. However, if a man wants more than friendship, sorry, NO CAN DO!
Not Interested In: Young people under the age of 18. I got my feelings hurt by a mother on Facebook once, I don't wish to go through that again.

Sports Teams I Like & Root For
Detroit Tigers Detroit Lions Detroit Pistons Detroit Red Wings

For websites created by me, please see the "Favorite Links" page.


Now, I'm sorry, but I refuse to give my snail mail or my telephone number. It would serve no purpose to give those here when I have them so that they don't show on FaceBook. In fact, they're not even on FaceBook. Please DO NOT ask for these, as I will not give them to anyone.

My Education
High School: Caro High School Class of 1975 Caro, Michigan
College: Davenport University Class of 1996 Grand Rapids, Michigan

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