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Provel Digitize

Downloads   Version 1.0.5

Win: ProvelDigitize Installer.exe 1.5 MB

Mac: provelDigitize.dmg 3.9 MB

Release Notes: Release Notes.rtf

What Provel Digitize does

Provel Digitize downloads files from the provel d1, d1L and d2 digitizers and saves the data as an aop file. Look at the Screen Shots page to see what Provel Digitize looks like.

For more about the Provel d2 view the Provel site.


Supported on Windows and Mac OSX.

Works with d1, d1L and d2 digitizers.

Supports landmark capture.

Optionally auto-downloads and names files with sequential numbers.

Will run minimized saving files as they are generated by the digitizer.

Allows specified amount of smoothing.

Allows optional end capping.

Allows landmark rejection near the ends.

Very easy to setup.


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