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Provel Carve

For C5, C5L and C7 with AOP, OBJ and STL files

Version 2.x is now available at

For C5 and C5L with AOP files only

Download Version 1.1.3

Win: ProvelCarver Installer.exe 2 MB

Mac: Provel Carve 113 (Intel).dmg  (Intel)  3 MB

Provel Carve 1.1.3 Release notes.rtf   4KB

What Provel Carve 1 does

Provel Carve is a tool for sending data to a Provel Carver. Data in the .aop file format is loaded and displayed. There are options for adding a transition region to the bottom of sockets. The shape data is sent to the carver over a serial port. Look at the Screen Shots page to see what Provel Carve 1 looks like.

For more about the Provel C5, C5L and C7 see the Provel site.


Supported on Windows and Mac OSX (PPC or Intel).

Easy to setup.

User can specify a transition region at the proximal end of sockets.

Socket shape, blank and mandrel are displayed.

Separate lists of blanks for sockets and covers can be edited.

Choice of units, inches or millimeters.

Use serial port or network serial adapter.

No license or registration required.



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