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Downloads   Version 1.0

Win: NoModem 1.0 Installer.exe  1.5 MB   Read Me Win.pdf

Mac: NoModem 1.0.dmg 3.5 MB   Read Me Mac.pdf

What it is

NoModem is a tool for communicating with a serial device either through a serial port, USB serial adapter or BlueTooth. NoModem allows you to send eight bit and unprintable characters from the keyboard and display received data as text or as hex bytes. You can write scripts and run them with on screen buttons.


Supported on Mac OSX and Windows

Send non ASCII codes from keyboard

Display input as text or hex

Log input to file

Scriptable buttons that can:

    Send commands

    Wait for input

    Send or receive files

    Ask for user input

    Test and branch on handshake lines

    Set Handshake output

    Report results from script

    Time events

    And more


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