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This country and her brave young soldiers who fought in this war deserved much more than they got when they returned home.  They should have been welcomed home with open arms by all Americans, instead, they were not.  Many do not admit to being a part of the war and may never admit it.  We as a couple do not blame them for their calling by our Government to serve their country.  Indeed, they did as asked without question and went to do their duty as American Citizens should.  They did their best and gave their all to America and her citizens.

We commend these man and woman for a job well done.  We commend these man and woman for doing what they did and being brave enough to do it.  As all Americans, their were called upon to do something that they felt a certain amount of honor and pride in doing for their country.  They encountered things that most of us will never understand or even have an idea of.  They are in our eyes, blessed by our Lord above for doing and acting upon a call to duty.

Whether you have seen combat or not, we're sure that you gave your all for our freedom and to protect this great country.  On the "Vietnam Veteran Memorial Wall", we recognized a few names that will be forever missed in our minds as dear people, not merely a number; but real people whom we will never see again.  We cannot see their faces, or hold them close.  But we will never forget them by any means.  They live on in our memories and hearts as very dear friends whom we have lost in service to their country.

Visiting "The Moving Wall" in our home town was one experience that will forever stick in our minds.  It brought back pictures in our minds of friends lost, and voices/sounds of happier times.  Today, we remember them as fallen heroes as we looked upon a wall with thousands of names (people) lost in Vietnam.  Their hearts are our hearts.  Their sorrow is our sorrow.  But most of all, they will remain in our hearts as friends.  Though fallen they may be, we will remember them always.


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