USA Flag Fallen Soldiers from Our Area
Tuscola County, Michigan
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Tuscola County Servicemen Who Died in Vietnam:

I'm sure that this is only a very few of the man who died from this area in Vietnam.  Most of them we do not know or have a clue of who they are.  But regardless, they deserve our thanks and will remain on this site as part our memorial to all Vietnam Veterans.  We appreciate them giving their all and their lives for us.  May they souls all rest in place.

Ronald Richard Barcalon - Reese, Michigan

Terry Wad Betts - Tuscola, Michigan

Danny Ward Bowers - Caro, Michigan

Andrew Charles Conrad, Jr. - Millington, Michigan

John Paul Francis - Reese, Michigan

John Patrick Giddings - Cass City, Michigan

David Del Graham - Cass City, Michigan

Dean Ellsworth Hall - Caro, Michigan

Donald Allen Hall, Jr. - Millington, Michigan

Michael Gordon Hoff - Caro, Michigan

Walter Martin Keene - Millington, Michigan

Michael Fredrick May - Vassar, Michigan

Robert Lee Thane - Caro, Michigan

Christopher Lee Vollmar - Akron, Michigan

Richard James Wager - Millington, Michigan


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