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6/24/2004 - Moved to present site host.

7/30/2004 - Two sections were added to better organize the site and to make the menus of each section shorter. It was brought to my attention that the home menu was too confusing and people were having trouble navigating the site. I hope that the changes made help everyone who visits our site.

8/7/2004 - Corrected a few minor spelling errors and checked over all pages to be absolutely sure that the site is working correctly. Changed home page to image map entrance and enhanced the home page. Added new poem to poetry section.

8/11/2004 - Created and added cloud background.

8/14/2004 - Added a section of emotional tribute. This section is dedicated to the Vietnam Veterans and their cause. We hope to keep adding to this section as time goes bye with information of interest to all Americans. We have avoided this topic way to long, and it is time that we as Americans show our pride in all our Veterans as a whole.

8/15/2004 - Add a flag background to the Vietnam Veteran's section. (Note: Both middle frame backgrounds can take a while to load depending on the speed of your modem. Please be patient?)

A sad discovery is that Netscape 7.1 will not play midi or wave files. You can download them, but you cannot hear them before doing so. I do recommend that all my visitors use Internet Explorer browsers to view this site if possible. If you do not use Internet Explorer, I'm sorry, but you will not see the full special and/or sound effects of my web site. However, it can be viewed in the lower versions as far as I know. I do not have the lower version of Netscape to test with.

Fixed several problems with the awards won section of the site. Seems that some images were corrupted and were appearing on the wrong page. The links were fine, just the images needed re-uploaded to correct the problem. Also updated credits page.

8/15/2004 - Updated the GuestBook and awards programs.

8/28/2004 - Replaced the contact form and application form for the awards program. Removed the links to the guestbook on the awards program. And re-worked the thank you pages for the forms for after submitting them to me.

9/2/2004 - Added a clock to the menu on the main section and awards section.

9/6/2004 - Added a quote from President Clinton today to the Vietnam Section on the main page.

12/11/2004 - New GuestBook added today for Guestbook Central.

12/12/2004 - Deleted one calendar to replace it with another that is a JavaScript calendar that is nicer. It has been placed on the menus of the main site and awards program site only. The JavaScript was found at: The JavaScript Source!!

12/20/2004 - Updated links on the links page to go directly to the proper sites.

12/24/2004 - Started the process of reorganizing the site on 12/19/04 and finished today. Reorganization includes adding email address links to all of the menus except the awards program menus. On the awards program pages: I added a separate statistics page, retired awards page, separated the previous awards winners with 3 pages added to do so and separated the Best Site award winners with tables. Plus, added a "My Pledge" page to the awards program. From the GuestBook signatures, I added a GuestBook Achieves because it could no longer be viewed by the visitors as part of the signatures. Removed the calendar from the home site menu and moved the one for the awards program to its main page. I also started a new page to continue update to this journal. And adjusted parts of the site for clarity.

12/28/2004 - Created one new page to the Adult Section today and edited the menus for each section. Also created a page for my diplomas on the main section.

2/11/2005 - Removed free midis from the site. Two midis left on the site, but are now used with permission by the authors. Added an award to the awards won pages.

2/12/2005 - Removed all midis from the site today out of just plan being tired of them.

3/5/2005 - Change some of the site to make it work a little better. Added another diploma to the qualifications page.

3/13 thru 3/19/2005 - This site has gone through some drastic changes to avoid some problems that we were having and it has hopefully cure all the problems. The changes include the following:

  • New background images.

  • New title images.

  • New background and title images for the awards program.

  • New awards images for the awards program.

  • Original art picture of the "Red Roses of Love" drawing on its original background, which was not easy for me to find.

  • Organized the awards won by AS! Rating.

  • New buttons for the GuestBook.

4/14/2005 - Added new items to the Art Gallery.

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4/27/2005 - Added a USA flag and Michigan State Emblem to the Vietnam Veteran Memorial section, and edited some problems cause some of the images to appear off center.

5/16/2005 thru 5/21/2005 - Changed backgrounds and revamped awards program. Created new award images for the awards program.

5/19/2005 thru 5/25/2005 - Did a complete overhaul of the site. Change the design and link function, along with all the images.

6/6/2005 - Added a nominee page to the awards won section. Applied for Family Friendly Sites viewing site listing.

7/11/2005 - Closed/Retired Eberline's Web Awards. Changed safe site buttons. Checked other areas of the site to be sure it is working properly.

7/30/2005 - Added another page of textured backgrounds to the art gallery section.

5/8/2006 - Created my own GuestBook to take full control over it, and re-opened the awards program.

6/25/2006 - Placed all text information in the Winners Record of the Awards Program.

7/9/2006 - Found and fixed some broken links today.

7/15/2006 - Did a complete make over the website and omitted the frames website. Also redid the title images and splash entrance pages images to make them better and nicer. The GuestBook pages were also reworked to reorganize them. Even the Awards Program got a complete make over.

7/17/2006 - Added the main backgrounds today.

7/18/2006 - Checked and fixed wrong directional links, and added some Veteran Links to the Vietnam Veteran Memorial section.

7/29/2006 - Edited a couple of things of the awards program for clarity.

8/8/2006 - Added a Resources and Resolutions Test page to the awards program.

8/9/2006 - Completely re-did the awards won pages.

12/15/2006 - Started redoing the images for this website today.

12/19/2006 - Finished doing the images today, and now starts the process of redesigning the website itself to some degree. As the images must be placed on the proper pages.

12/21/2006 - I completed the work on the awards program as far as image design and linking. Also, completed the same tasks for the main website. It is now a matter of checking my work a few dozen times to be absolutely sure everything is working properly.

12/22/2006 - Completed the entire redesign of the website and checked all its links and pages for errors. Placed the proper title for each page for the topic of the pages and double check them.

3/13/2007 - Removed the GuestBook from the site completely. Added a Graphics Gallery and checked all the links today.

7/2/2007 - Added a new section titled "A Day of Celebration".

1/9/2008 - Added a prayer to the Adults Section.

4/15/2008 - Added an article about sarcasm today in the adult section.

5/13/2008 - Added Portuguese to the Art Gallery on the Flags page.

5/25/2008 - Added a GuestBook today. Changed the email addresses for this website and the awards program.

10/16/2008 - Completed refurbishing the awards program and creating new images to match the more important aspects of this website today. Plus omitted the Art Gallery due to the fact that I was experiencing people linking directly to the images, using to much bandwidth. Also omitted links that no long applied.

1/17/2009 - Completed refurbished the website so that it matches throughout.

4/19/2009 - Updated my ICRA Label today. Changed to smaller awards for the awards program.

4/22/2009 - Update and change the "Ethics Pledge" in the awards program. Change the main menus on the main website to match throughout. Placed the "Terms of Use" for the awards program on the "Code of Ethics / Ethics Pledge" page.

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