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My husband and I have been cooking for most of our lives, and have created our own way of saving money along the way. The recipes that you find here are created by us and published here to share with the world as a health diet for all who wish to use them. They are what started out to be just an idea for ourselves, that lead to good meals that make good sense.

With our health now going south, we decided it was time to share some good healthy cooking with the world in an attempt to change the way our friends and family cook the food they eat. Healthy living depends on the way you treat your body and how you eat in so many ways, and we just can't resist sharing our ideas any longer.

We've always believed as most, "It won't happen to us." While, we can confirm that isn't always the case and that people often do the wrong thing regardless of how they were taught as a child when it comes to eating the right types of foods. Junk foods such as potatoe chips are the worse anyone can eat because of the salt and the way they are cooked. Per packaged foods amount to pretty much the same when it comes to junk foods, and really should be avoided. Yet, there are so many people these days that will tell you that they don't have the time to cook a good old fashion meal.

Old fashion meal???? What is old fashion about getting the ingredients to cook a good meal that is healthier for your family, compared to the health problems that come with not eating properly? So what we've done here as a couple is come up with ideas that just might make a difference in your life as it has ours. We do hope that you will use them.


About Our Recipes

The recipes we share here are for the health minded person or persons who wish to try something that is easy to cook, agrees with their doctors orders and tastes good all in one. Some say that this isn't possible, but we have found a way to make our food taste good and stick to our diet that our doctors insist that we use on a daily bases.

We know, no diet tastes good. But if you do it right and want a diet that is healthier and tastes good, it is worth a try if nothing else. Therefore, at least give it a chance before you throw all hope into never land thinking that there is hope for the diet you are on.

Harold, my husband, is a heart patient and also has diabetes. Therefore, it is extremely important that we eating meals that will promote a healthier heart and help to control his diabetes. By changing the way in which cook our food was the most important thing we could do for both or these problems.

As for me, Anita, I have a number of things including heart problems. All of them diet controlled to some degree. The worse problems are my heart and high blood pressure. So it is just as important to follow the same diet as my husband.

For the reasons above, we've created recipes that allow us to eat like people and still eat healthily. It is a must to keep in mind that each recipe was created over time and using us like guinea pigs until the recipe was perfected. The trial and error stages are over and we now shape them for others to enjoy as well.


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