I see troubles,

I see woes,

I see better days ahead.

Some say that troubles makes the good better,

Others say that the good never comes,

But when troubles knock at my door, I simply look for better days.

Troubles come and troubles go,

I live through them regardless of what they say,

And look for the good to come back soon.

It's just a matter of time and patience,

It's just a matter of the right attitude,

It's come to this day, but maybe not the next.

I hear thunder,

I hear rain,

But they'll carry those troubles away.

Look in your heart and the good will come,

Look to what makes you remember all the good times you've had,

Then find those troubles slipping away.

Troubles are just a test of strength,

Troubles are just a hard time that makes us think,

Troubles will never last.

Though they make us sad at heart,

There's always another day that will be good,

To make all those troubles seem so far away.

Troubles make us appreciate the good,

Troubles make us seek out better ways,

Troubles improve our lives in so many ways.

It's troubles that make our lives complete,

To make us happy when they're gone,

To bring the better into our lives.

I hear thunder,

I hear rain,

But never fear, it's not all the bad.


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