A Mother's Love

A Mother's love takes place with each child,

And puts each child dear to a Mother's heart,

Making each as special as new life itself.

Mother's love holds true no matter what,

Placing each child it her arms for guidance for life,

As only a Mother's heart can do.

Though a Mother can be angry or disappointed,

Her love never takes second place for her child,

Nor does it every waver or go a stray.

Her children may always find her near,

Always willing to give of her heart,

All because each child is ever so dear.

A Mother's love is there forever no matter what,

With open arms to welcome her children home,

To see their faces is always so sweet in deed.

And even when the children are grown,

A Mother's love still exists with only arms of joy,

For there is nothing more wonderful in her eyes.

A Mother's love is always there,

Forever true and forth going,

Forever a Mother will she be.

A Mother's love forever seeking what her children need,

A Mother's love forever reaching out through time,

A Mother's love will be there until she is no more.


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