My Lord

My Lord Jesus is as amusing at the sunrise is beautiful,

He love is as large as the world and beyond,

My Lord is my protector and care giver forever more.

I am a woman with deep beliefs on may topics,

Who tries to do as she would have others do to her,

Yet, am not always treated fairly.

I am a woman who has had her ups and downs,

Found that she can always get through,

Yet, am only one person to fight the good fight.

I am a woman who has found love in all the wrong places,

Who sees good and evil in all people,

Yet, have never been to many places she didn't like.

I am a woman, hear me roar,

I speak truth to all who will listen,

Yet, they are far between.

I am a woman who heart is gracious,

Who does not like everything she sees in the world,

Yet, it does not change without lots of work.

I am a woman with many desires,

Who heart goes out to all Gods creations,

Yet, no one seems to hear me.

I am a woman who cares for many,

Who never seems to see the end to her work,

Yet, knows that it is important.

I am a woman of great depth and love,

Who wants to see good things for all people,

Yet, feels the world will never get it.

I am a woman, hear me roar,

And I speak from my heart,

Yet, there seems nobody to listen.

To say who I am is clearly mistaken,

Only if people choose to turn their heads,

For I am a woman, hear me roar.


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