Life's Joys

Life's joys are whatever you make them,

Life's joys are where you set your goals,

Life's joys bring what you put into them.

For some it's the watching of a sunset,

For others it's the loving touch of a spouse,

Yet others it's just having what they need.

For us it's the simple things that make our lives complete,

The touch of a loved one who holds us close at heart,

The knowing we have each other no matter what.

We cannot have it all,

Nor do we want it,

But what we have in each other is wonderful.

Life's joys are about the things we wish for,

Life's joys are about what we have in our possessions,

Life's joys only need be simple and true.

We stand together in loving just each other,

Making a life together for just the two of us,

For life is taken just one day at a time.

Come what may we strive for excellence,

Hoping the other will accept us as we are,

For we're not prefect by any means.

Doing what we can to just make ends meet,

Working toward a goal that some will never understand,

And making it all work somehow.

Life's joys is being who we are,

Life's joys is accepting each other in love,

Life's joys are just what we have made them.


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