The Adopted One's

There is a family that I hold dear,

Their not related in any way,

Yet, I love them as though they were.

The best of friends they have become,

Always there to listen to problems large or small,

Willing to help in times of need.

We stand together in tender loving care,

We do for each other whatever we can,

For there's a special love that must be shared.

Once enemies sworn to the end,

Now we stand together as family,

To share our joys and tears.

This special bond grows from deep within,

It's there even though others do not understand,

And it continues to grow despite the odds.

These adopted one's are special friends,

Adopted through tender loving care,

And offer much more than they'll ever know.

They have a special space within my heart,

Unable to hide their woes from me,

For I will always feel their needs.

I see them not enough at times,

I hear the beating of their heart always,

For they're my adopted one's.


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