Welcome to Anita's Poetry Gallery

These are just a few poems that I wanted to share with our visitors, and I do plan to write more sooner or later. With being a busy lady, there isn't a lot of time for writing these days. So I hope you enjoy what is here for now.

The poems themselves are about life in general, and how life makes me feel as a person. They represent a life filled with love and caring. They are what makes me feel how I do about many things. As everyone knows, life is not always what we wanted, but rather something that just happens. But through that life that we live, there is always something wonderful that makes us the person that we are.

Much of the time, life is what we as a person makes it. If we believe it to be a poor life, then that is what we make it. If we believe it to be a good life, that too is what we make it. I have chosen to make my life a bit of both. I take it as it comes to me and find the good even if it's worse then I thought it should be. This is what this poetry is to me, that good in my life.


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