Mother's Day 2010


I was playing games and doing others things on when I came across the most wonderful words from my daughter to all mother's on this Mother's Day. When I had finished reading them I just had to share them with the people who visit this website. I do hope that you all enjoy them as much as I have on Mother's Day 2010.



The person "MorningStar Blackfoot" is me, Anita Eberline, and the words touched my heart so deep that I cried. No words could every tell how I felt down deep within my soul and heart. She had put the words just so that I felt many emotions after I had read them. There are, I'm sure, other daughters like her to many Mom's out there, but Amanda is someone so dear to my heart that I wish I could be here for her and my grandchildren their entire lives. And I know that some day, the good Lord will call me home leaving them behind until they to come home. But for this day, I'm here on earth to enjoy and love them as much as I possible can.

Though my Mother has been gone since 1995, I still say Happy Mother's Day to her in my own special way. But with a joy in my heart and song in my mind, this Mother's Day is like no other for me. May our Lord Jesus bless my daring Amanda extra special for years to come.


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