Same as "Plunk"

I had a game very much like this one called "Plunk!", and I couldn't seem to get it to do correctly much of the time. But this one seems to be just fine. I played around with it and did really good in fact...even won some and had fun at it. The author of the game calls it "Same Game". But for my site I'm gonna call it "Same as Plunk without the Sound".

When the game is lost, you'll get a message box that says "Game Over". When the game has been won, you get just the blank black background it was on. If you wish to restart the game, click on the "refresh" link directly under the score board. The game will reappear and you can play it again as many times as you like. Enjoy!!!!

Hit:  You can easily turn this into a family game by each person taking a turn and keeping score. First, agree on the number of games to be played by each person, and then begin playing. The person with the highest score wins.

  This game can be addicting!!!!

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