Welcome to the "Eberline's Home on the Web" web site. You will find pages for every age group and the "Eberline's Web Awards" awards program. Everyone is welcome to take a look around and encouraged to enjoy their visit. We hope you enjoy your stay with us and come back often to see what we do next. Thank you for coming.



We are average, yet not. We have nothing special to offer here except that we are different and like it that way.

This site is simply just a place to make someone out there happy and to tell the world we are people. This website has been re-designed and is under continued review by me for broken links, errors in all areas and maintained accordingly.


Our Mission

The purpose of this website is to let people get to know us as a couple and help others learn if possible, to be ourselves, and be different in all aspects of our lives. We will never force our ideas or opinions on others. We are in this to educate to some degree, as well let people see a little about us that most would never know on the Internet.

The work on this site is done by me, Anita Eberline, with the approval of Harold Eberline (husband). We work as a team to make life a little better for each other.

In many ways, we feel this website is an extra bonus to those who wish to view it. And we welcome all visitor no matter where they are from, or who they are. We do our best to respect the privacy of others in hopes that they will do the same for us in return.


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