Saying Good Bye

It is never easy saying good bye to a dear friend, and even more difficult when you didn't know they had passed on. I didn't think it was the best way to find out that an Internet friend had died, but I read it on another web site. I sat at my computer in absolute awe, not wanting to believe what I had just read. Yet, there it was bigger than life. The memorial this person put up was lovely and it fit my friend to a tea. And I couldn't help but think back to all our lovely email and days of just being email buddies.

Oh, for those days of talking about our web sites and what we'd like to do in our futures. Or just an email to say that we're thinking of the other. She was one in a million, and as kind as the rain to the trees. Never a harsh word, always encouraging and understanding. I remember her last email like it was yesterday, telling me not to be discouraged from working on learning to be the best webmistress I could be. That I had talent and she looked forward to seeing more of my work. It was the last email I received from her, and I have always strived to be just that, the best that I can be.

I've had my days of pain just like everyone else on this earth. But today was not what I expected when I came upon a web site with a memorial to a friend that I have missed for four years now. Not knowing she had passed on was heart breaking, but knowing seemed to be even worse. I got a lot of inspiration from her and she always had a kind word to say. Now, after four years, I find out this friend is gone forever.

In memorial to her, I write this page to say good bye and to say what I had said in many of my emails to her.

In Loving Memory of Lacey,
who passed away on 11-11-2000.
She will be truly missed by me.

Lacey, you brightened my days with loving words of encouragement and Sisterly love. You gave of your heart and told it like it was. You inspirited everyone you came into contact with and looked for the good in all people no matter who they were or where they came from. You gave of yourself in order to help others feel better and useful. You loved just to love and your understanding was like nobody else's.

I will remember the good that you brought me and to others. I will remember the good times we had through email with more inspiration to be the best I can be. Today is not a bad day my dear friend, but a day to rejoice in the memories we once shared so freely. Though you are gone, and I'll miss you always, I have our email memories. Though we never got to meet in person as we had dreamed, we shared a common love as Sisters just because of being friends.

I have no doubt that you're in heaven helping everyone who wants it. You're doing your part and keeping everything in love and understanding. You're with our Creator and being happy. May the wind always be at your back, and may you always be remembered here on Mother Earth by all who loved you. My friend, my Sister in all living things.


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