Sarcastic, Just What is it?

Well, if you look it up in the dictionary, it means: expressing sarcasm, given to use sarcasm. And sarcasm means: a sharply mocking or contemptuously ironic remark intended to wound another. So it really isn't a good thing much of the time.

Yet, in this day and age, people tend to be just that way it seems more all the time. I'm writing this article for any reason, other than to bring to people's attention the demeaning quality of the sarcastic ways that are coming to light more so this days.

I, myself, have caught myself being the same and had to stop it before it was said out loud to another human being. And for every time I have to do this, I ask myself the same annoying question. "Just what make me want to do that?"

If you really stop to think about the way the human race treat each other these days, we tend to be sarcastic in most things. That's not saying everyone is that that way, but the majority are. And that it has progressively gotten worse through the years. One needs to figure out how they got that way themselves before they can stop its progress.

The question that always comes to mind is this, "How and when did this get started in the human race as we know it today?" Well, unfortunately, I can't say I have the answer, and the solution might not be all that easy either.

In the United States, there are tends that seems to come out of no where, and those tends are what get things started most of the time. Though there never seems to be a point of organ or a way to begin the cure, I believe that most of us have a start by recognizing that there is a problem. However, in most cases, people tend to deny the problem rather recognize it for what it is and why. It isn't going anywhere unless we all do our part to cure it by giving the recognition that it actually exists.

Okay, you say you don't understand what I'm getting at. So lets look at it from another angel and see what that does.

Lets say there is this very good friend, but you know he/she has a drug abuse problem. Rather then try to help your friend recognize their problem, you choose to ignore it completely and let them go on at though nothing is happening. Well, this friend over doses and dies as a result. You go through life saying, "What if?"

Now you see? We as fellow human beings have ignored the sarcasm in our lives way to long and it's now catching up with us. People may not mean it as a means to be cruel to each other, but they do it. I believe that most use sarcasm and they don't even realize it until someone brings it to their attention. It's like the drug addict friend whom no one said anything too. The difference here is, we will not kill ourselves with it. But the damage it does leaves marks on the soul for life.

The worse part of this problem is that people usually don't have a clue to what they are doing until it's to late. Then, once the damage is done, it usually sticks with the person they hurt for life. Couples do it when arguing, friends do it sometimes just kidding around, and it needs to stop. And it needs to stop today.

Now I'm not prefect and I do things that I shouldn't as well. So I'm not leaving myself out of this situation. I'm just as guilty as the next person when kidding around, getting hurt and striking back, arguments with my husband and probably a whole lot more. And I find myself continually watching myself in any given situation that might bring out the worse in me.

Ask yourself these questions:

Am I sarcastic with any person? And then ask yourself the big one. WHY?

While you're at it, ask yourself this one:

Is there really a reason for doing this?

In most cases, your answer might amaze you. Mine were as follows:

Yes. I don't know. No.

The next question for myself was, "Can I stop it?"

The answer, YES, by all means.

Have I succeeded, NO, but I'm working on it each and every day of my life now.

The one thing that people ask me the most on this issue is, "How do you know when it's coming and what do you do to stop it?"

Well, all I can tell you is this:

It's a daily behavioral issue that most of us have whether we choose to recognize it or not. And it takes work and effort to over come anything. If it's hurting my relationship with family or friends, then it's something that needs to be work on. The same goes for people whom I come into contact with in my life through business dealings or otherwise. And if I don't do something to make their life nicer, then I'm just as bad as the next one who uses sarcastic remarks. I can't speak for everyone, but I don't want people thinking that I'm a bad egg sort to speak.

In most cases, I have found that my reasons for being sarcastic in the first place was self defense. If they do it to me, then why not do it back. Which is totally the wrong attitude to begin with. Just because is not the way to go about things, and it will get you in huge trouble sooner or later.

What do my family and friends say since I started recognizing the problem and working on doing something about it? Well, they're liking what they see now compared to just a few months ago. I'm more relaxed and easy going. I take jokes as such and let it go in one ear and out the other. And I no longer feel the need to get the defenses going and keep them going day in and day out. Family and friends are liking the fact that I'm doing something to stop myself from being that old sarcastic woman that I use to be.

Okay, you haven't seen it were I said what I did or how to help stop this problem. That's because I didn't say. What works for me might not work for the next person, and my advise to anyone seeking help is to find what works for them. As I don't believe there is any one cut and dried solution to the problem. Yet, I do believe that there is a huge problem with sarcasm that we all need to work on.

Do you have a problem with sarcasm? Are you continually attacking one person or just everyone in general with words that cut to the bone? Do you find yourself feeling guilty for what you said later? Then it's time to do something about it now. Don't wait until nobody wants anything to do with you, start the changing process now by finding what works for you. And remember, it's never to late to start changing your behavioral pattern no matter how old you are or might be. After all, you're a people with feelings too. Start by just simply apologizing to those you hurt and ask for their forgiveness first. You'll be surprised at what just might happen.


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