Some Facts about Nature

Many people don't know or realize that nature plays a huge part in the workings of our environment. But it does and always will. From the smallest snail to the largest of mammals, each animal has an important part in nature. They all do something to help the earth and maintain the planet as we know it.

We have all had a look at nature at her worse and at her best. Some of the worse is what helps to keep some things from being overwhelming. Take the tornado for example. It damages our homes and other things that we build to keep us and our belongings safe. But it also takes out the dead or dieing trees in the forests and leaves room for the new grow to come up and prosper. It clears a path for other living things to also prosper such the animals of the forest. Different types of snails are forest dwellers and do not live in the water whatsoever, and the tornado creates a place for them to live and eat. Allowing them to breed and prosper just as any other animal.

From the largest to the smallest of creature, life depends on nature to help them survive and prosper at some point. Even us people depend on nature to grow our crops and provide our meat. How you ask?  Well, look at our cows. They eat the grass in the field, we feed them hay and grains to help them be healthy so that we can later have hamburger or whatever meat of our choice. So nature has her hands in the produces that we use as food that we buy in the stores.

Our pets are a part of nature that we humans had to tame and teach how to live and behave around us so that we could have them as a part of our families. Dogs are actually a part of the wolf family...the cats are just a smaller breed of the lions and tigers in more ways than one. But I don't have the room here to go into the history of these facts. However, they were all at one time wild just as the wolves and big cats.  People started breeding them for different looks and breeds as time went bye, and the result is what we see today.

Other facts in nature are the trees and plants on our earth that help us and animals alike to breathe the air and taste things such as water. If it were not for the trees and plants, we couldn't breathe. Think of it this way. The plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. And it is the oxygen that we breathe and helps keep us from suffocation. If it weren't for these things...the air wouldn't be safe for us and we would cease to exist. Even the water ways need plants for oxygen or the fish would die. The sea weed in water serves the same purpose as the trees and plants on the earths surface. It takes in carbon dioxide and gives off oxygen so that the fish have air. When we put fish in an aquarium, we go to great lengths to make sure that those fish get the proper amount of air to live. Because we know that without air to breathe, the fish will die within just a few hours.

Water itself is very important to us as living beings for the simple reason that it is a must for drinking. Without water, we dry out and become sick. The same goes for any other animal that goes without water completely. The ending result if water is not found is usually death. Food alone will not keep any living being alive and well. Water is the main source of life and is a necessity in order to live.

The type of foods grown, such as vegetables, is just as important to the environment as the trees and other wild plants. They too give us air to breathe, plus supplies us with important vitamins and minerals. Many of these plants also have a certain amount of protein in them as well. However, meat is the main source of protein, so the animals raised for meat are just as important when it comes to the food chain and what we eat. Herbs, such as garlic, are also important to the body for fighting off such things as colds and flu. Garlic can also help in other areas concerning health, as it can also help to reduce the bad cholesterol in the body.

There many things in nature that are good for us and other things. But the best part of nature is being able to enjoy just plan looking at it with awe. There is beauty in nature that only exists in nature and those things are amazing.

Take the sunset for example. It comes in all different colors and the most amazing is red. That red sunset is what most of us look for before looking for the other colors that follow. Then, there are the animals such as deer and other wild animals that are always a pleasant sight.

Much of the time, we take these things for granted and don't pay much attention to them until some really stand out to catch our eye. Life is often not what it appears to be, and we as human beings tend to miss out on lots because we don't look for them. Nature is all around us and all it takes is looking at what you see or hear. As for me, I take the time to watch the deer, birds and other animals just because they're there. They're not only beautiful to look at, but they make a wonder study piece if one takes the time to watch their behavior.

This web site will never be about just one topic, nor will be just for just fun. I plan to make a mixture of things to bring to your attention and hopefully make you think a little about each. But these page seemed important for the simple fact that we as humans don't look at what is around us in nature. If nothing else, I hope it has made you want to go outside and take a look at what nature has to offer.


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