Chat Heartache

They say there is an innocents to chatting online. But this statement couldn't be farther from the truth. If that's the case, then why do people tend to judge you for a nick name or because you're married to a Native American? Well, I don't have the answer to this question anymore than anyone else out there. But I do know this, if chatting online is so innocent, then I don't need the heartache it brings me over such foolishness as a nick name or name for that matter.

For some reason, and I'm not trying to judge anyone as I have been judged, people take one look at a nick name and automatically ask you to leave or change your nick. What's in a name? If a person is willing to be decent and respect others, then what is the big deal about one's name or nick name?

If my name isn't good enough for others without being discriminated against, then chat rooms aren't worth my feelings being hurt because someone fines it insulting. Don't judge me for my name, don't judge me automatically for my name and don't ask me to leave just because it doesn't suite your fancy. I'm not that terrible person who gave you a bad time, and I don't plan on being that person. I just want to be myself and be able to chat with good people. In turn, I'll do my best to respect you for who you are, not the nick name or name you choose to use.

There is also the matter of the Christian people who seem to think that some nick names or names, if you prefer, are of Satan. My Native American Name is not one of them. I decided to go chat with a person who knows her Bible and knows it well, mainly because I wasn't sure of anything, and I didn't want to publish any untruths. My husband and I know a pastor personally, and we decided to go to him for his input on the matter. And here is what he said, "People should read their Bible more closely for understanding of what they are reading. Because from what I understand, ignorance is no excuse." According to our friend, it has a lot to do with judging when we shouldn't. For it is not our place to judge our fellow human beings, that is the Great Spirits (Gods) place only.

The only reason I decided to write this page is because of being judged automatically for my nick name, which just happens to be my Native American name (Morning Star) as well. Now, I'm still not judging anyone here, so don't get the wrong idea. I'm just saying that it's pretty stupid for any of us human beings to judge one another. We all have fallen short in our lives on something, and I'm no different. In my opinion, we should look in our own lives and try to help those in need. But all to often, people tend to judge when that's not our right as human beings, that right belongs to the Great Spirit and only HIM.

Now, I'm not sorry if I've stepped on a few toes here. Because I have a right to my opinion. And I don't mean just at home, but on the internet as well. I'm not asking that anyone agree with me, but I am asking that you respect other people and find out what their about before asking a person to leave just because you don't like their name. After all, it's the person's choice....NOT YOURS!!! And if this person chooses to cause others trouble, then do what is necessary to be rid of them. Don't start the process before they have a chance to prove themselves decent.

For the people who have been so good to me and respected me as a fellow human being, you know who you are. This page does not pertain to you in any way, share or form. I just finely got feed up with the ignorance and judgment people put me through over my Native American name, and looked into what could be the possible reason for this happening to me. I feel strongly about the subject, and it's not my fault for a few that have no decency in their hearts to be decent with others. And I'm sorry if this page offends you. That is not and never has been my intention here.

As far as the judging one or one's, I forgive you. After all, you're human just like me. The Great Spirit tells us to love one another and to forgive one another. And I'm no different than you in many ways, in fact, in all ways. I do wrong and pay the price just as any of you. But I am tired of being judged for what I am not.

Thank you.


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