Discrimination Against Races or Individuals

Discrimination runs high these days against all people regardless of their heritage. And everyone has committed this crime against humanity at some point in their lives. Recently it happened to me because of my husbands Native American Heritage. I know how the Negro feels! I've always tried my best not to discriminate against anyone, this hurt to the core. We as people, I feel, are good in nature and soul. We help our fellow man whenever possible and we do what we can for ourselves as well.

As with all wounds, this will heal in time. But the fact still remains, we as humans are not always correct in what we do, say or think. Whatever possessed these people to say and do as they did is beyond me. I do not understand why people refuse to accept us for who we are and not for what we are. If I have learned nothing else in my life, I've learned to accept people for who they are, not what they are. When all people begin to think the same way and let well enough alone, the earth will be a better place to live. But I know this isn't likely to happen in my lifetime, and people will continue to cut each other in two with words.

Lets face it people, whether I am Native American, Negro, Spanish or what, doesn't matter. The heart, mind and soul are what counts in us. If my heart is right with the Great Spirit, then my mind will think of good. Which in turn, brings the soul right with the Great Spirit as well. I know in my heart that I helped the people who turned against me because of my husband's heritage. And to tell the truth, if I had it to do again, I'd help in the same way. This has taught me something about myself and it's rather scary to think that I did as most people would at first. I began to hate the people, not what they did or said.

When we as humans, do as others would just because it is easier, we are wrong. I never got to voice my opinion to these people while I was hurt and angry, and it's a good thing. Because I am sure it would not have been very nice at all. And down deep, I know in my heart that I would have been lowering myself to their level. I told friends on the internet that I had a journey to take in thinking and reflecting on many issues of my life. And what a journey it has been. I am glad that I stopped, thought and reflected on the ways that discrimination has affected me. For I feel it has made me a better person.

To many times, we as humans, take our friends for granted and never tell them just how much we appreciate them for who they are, rather then what they are. And to tell the truth, a friendship of any kind should never be taken for granted. To many times, we as humans, take our families for granted. Ok...you get the picture here....don't you? Well, it comes under the discrimination we all have done at some point in our lives. The minute we do these things, we are (in my opinion) wrong. The Great Spirit says we are to love one another, treat each other with respect and above all, help each other. This doesn't mean we are to do the wrong thing just because the other person did it first.

Now, I'm not going to tell the world what these people said, or even try to understand it anymore. But discrimination comes in many different forms, and I want this page to be a warning to all. That when you discriminate against anyone, no matter what the reason, it hurts that person deeply. But most of all, it hurts you! Think about it for a while and search your heart for the wrong in it. You might be surprised what you find in your own life and the way you look at other people. I know it did me. And yes, you'll most likely want to change your ways. But chances are, you won't.

While I was doing my thinking and reflecting, another friend, and I mean true friend, brought some things to my attention. When I stopped to think about all these things as well, it scared me half to death. All I could think was, "How could the Great Spirit love me with all this terrible stuff in my heart?" I won't go into what my friend told me, but here is the jest. Think of the most self-centered person you think you know. Multiple that by 10 in yourself and you've got the right person. I know, that doesn't sound right at all. But think about it! We as humans are self-centered and selfish to the good of one person. And that person is one's self. Scary isn't it folks? What's even more scary for me is this, I'm told I'm like this. Yet, I'd open my home to a friend in need (and have been known to do the same for a total stranger), give them a roof over their head, feed them my own food and more if that is what it would take. I can't see it myself, but I don't mean to infringe on anyone. And if I have, I apologize for doing so. Please forgive me.

What does the paragraph above have to do with Discrimination? Everything!!! There are so many ways to discriminate against a race or person that we often over look the small things. It's not what was said, but how it was said that makes the difference. If we as human beings can't see what we're doing to others with our words, then it's time somebody pointed them out to us. That is what this web page is about. Pointing it out so that hopefully everyone can see what they're doing to others. And that people, includes myself.

Ok....I know, we'll never be prefect and most folks these days don't even care as long as they get what they want. But if we as humans would take a little time out to think, reflect and then re-think and re-reflect, maybe we wouldn't treat others so badly. Whenever people avoid being around you or feel that you're a pain in the neck, there's something wrong. Now these people that discriminated against me because of my husband's heritage. Well, they have to answer for that wrong sooner or later. And I too will have to answer for my wrongs toward them in my thinking. However, I feel better knowing I have come to the point where I have forgiven them for what I feel they did wrong to me. Second, I have forgiven myself for it as well. Why? Because I was under the impression that this could never happen to me because of my good hearted ways. And in my opinion, if a person can't forgive themselves, they can't forgive others.

Let me say one more thing here. Whenever you feel discrimination digging at your heals, don't do as the person who discriminated against you. It doesn't solve a thing, trust me on this one. I've been there, did that and didn't like it. I felt alone on this one and that's no way to go. Some advise from experience here, don't say what you think, say a prayer or look for the good in a situation. It's much better then going around hating, mumbling and hating some more. It's also better then hiding from a person because you can't deal with what you see as a fault in them. I refuse to hide from another just because I don't like something about them. And believe me, I run into this problem all the time. Yet, people will wait until they're angry about something to say a word to you. Which is a really poor way to handle things in my opinion. But all you folks out there, do as you think is best, you will anyway.

Now, if I've stepped on some toes along the line here. I will not ever apologize for it. Because it's about time somebody in this crazy world we live in said something about it. If you don't agree with me, fine. You don't have too. If you do, that is also fine. It really doesn't matter either way to me. What matters to me is that I speak my heart here. And that is what I've done.


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